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Map your Ancestors

Create detailed maps of your ancestors and view their movements over time.

  • Easily view places in your project data, marked on maps. The places to mark can be selected directly, or indirectly by selecting Individuals (to view places associated with them), or both
  • If any of your Place records have no latitude and longitude, these will looked up automatically from the Internet (this is called ?Geocoding?). Uncertain geocodes are indicated with a red background box. Errors can be easily corrected by dragging markers, or by dragging places from lists onto map locations.
  • Create multiple marker sets and filter on event types: for example, you could opt to show all of your ancestor?s birth or baptism locations with a red marker, and all of your spouse?s ancestor?s birth or baptism locations with a green marker, so you can easily see where they coincided
  • Open a time-slider to hide or show time-related markers, and thereby view location changes over time.
  • Click on any marker to view events at that location ? either selected events or all events
  • Toolbar options allow you to zoom effortlessly to see all markers, or your home region; or any region you select, by clicking-and-dragging to draw a stretchy box around it.