Reviews & Awards

Reviews & Awards for Version 7

“Best family tree maker overall” in 2024

February 2024.  TopTenReviews looks at the best family tree makers available in 2024.  For the 6th year in a row, Family Historian 7 is rated number 1 as “best family tree maker overall”.

Top Rated Genealogy Software Award for 2022 (and every year back to 2011)

GenSoftReviews Users Choice Award for “Top Rated Genealogy Software” for 2022. This is the 12th year in a row that Family Historian has received this award.

“An outstanding piece of software”

May 2021.  PC Pro reviews Family Historian 7 and calls it “an outstanding piece of software” and gives it their PC Pro Recommended badge.

Top Rated Genealogy Software Award for 2021

GenSoftReviews Users Choice Award for “Top Rated Genealogy Software” for 2021. This is the 11th year in a row that Family Historian has received this award.

Top Rated Genealogy Software Award for 2020

GenSoftReviews Users Choice Award for “Top Rated Genealogy Software” for 2020.


Reviews & Awards for Version 6

Best family tree software 2020Family Historian

TopTenReviews gives Family Historian 6 their highest overall rating in their review of the best family tree software of 2020, and gives it 10 out of 10 for ease of use.

Top Rated Genealogy Software Award for 2019

GenSoftReviews Users Choice Award for “Top Rated Genealogy Software” for 2019.

Best Overall Genealogy Software 2019Family Historian

TopTenReviews rates Family Historian best overall in their review of the best genealogy software of 2019, and gives it 10 out of 10 for ease of use.

Top Rated Genealogy Software Award for 2018

GenSoftReviews Users Choice Award for “Top Rated Genealogy Software” for 2018.

“Family Historian remains our favourite program for Windows users”WDYTYA_114_July_cover_small -125x165

June 2016. Who Do You Think You Are? magazine does a group test comparison of 8 leading genealogy programs. Family Historian comes out top with the highest overall score (5 out of 5). “Family Historian remains our favourite program for Windows users”, Issue 114 July 2016.

“The crown for best PC software belongs to Family Historian 6 for 2015!”Your Family Tree magazine, spring 2015

“Family Historian 6 takes this well-loved program to dizzying new heights … packed with a host of new features and improvements … it’s the most user-friendly and accessible release yet … vastly improved web-clipping tool, which is now best in class …The crown for best PC software belongs to Family Historian 6 for 2015!”, Your Family Tree magazine, Issue 154, Spring 2015.

“A superb desktop program”Who Do You Think You Are? magazine - March 2015

“Family Historian remains a superb desktop program that fulfils most of the requirements that you could wish for from genealogy software”, Who Do You Think You Are? magazine, March 2015.

“There is no other that I would recommend above Family Historian 6”wpbc8a691e_06

“The charts are the best I have seen in any genealogy program ” [and include] the awesome all-relatives chart.  If you want a family history program that offers a huge range of features in a package that is easy to use there is no other that I would recommend above Family Historian 6″, Leicester & Rutland Family History Society Journal, 159, March 2015.

“A great product”Family Tree magazine

“Simple-to-use, it’s a great product, particularly for newcomers to using genealogy software”, Family Tree magazine, March 2015.

“A joy to work with … Highly recommended”Glycosmedia

“The programme itself is a joy to work with … if there is a significant negative about this programme – I have not yet found it! Highly recommended.” Dr Harry Brown, Glycosmedia, Jan 2015 (


Reviews & Awards for Version 5

Top Rated Genealogy Software Award

GenSoftReviews Users Choice Award for “Top Rated Genealogy Software” for 2014. This is the fourth year in a row that Family Historian has received this award.

“Family Historian was the most popular of all the Family History programmes”guildbanner-195x73

Conclusion from a survey of members of the Guild of One-Name Studies (10% responded). Journal of One-Name Studies, Volume 11 Issue 8, October – December 2013.

Computeractive Magazine Award

Computeractive magazine reviews Family Historian and gives it 5 stars and their ‘Buy It’ award (Issue 390, 7-20 February 2013).

“Well worth the wait”Who Do You Think You Are? magazine - June 2012

“Family Historian (FH) 5 is finally here and well worth the wait. If you’ve never encountered this application before, then you’re in for a treat. Simply put, it’s the best program out there both for charts and managing your extensive multimedia collection, and its picture tools are unsurpassed”, Who Do You Think You Are? magazine, June 2012

“I consider it to be the best genealogy program available”wpbc8a691e_06

“I consider it to be the best genealogy program available. It also has a friendly and helpful bunch of followers who are always willing to help new (and experienced) users via the forum at the Family Historian User Group and the FH mailing list”, Leicestershire & Rutland Family History Society Journal, June 2012, issue 148.


Reviews & Awards for Version 4

Which? Computing Best Buy

January 2012: Which? Computing gives Family Historian 4 their Best Buy award.

“Impressively powerful”Buy It!

“An impressively powerful genealogy package that beginners won’t take long to learn”, Computeractive, May 2010. The Computeractive ‘Buy It’ logo is a trademark of Incisive Media Ltd.

Your Family Tree MagazineGroup Test Winner

March 2010: Your Family Tree magazine does a group test of 6 leading genealogy programs and the winner is Family Historian. “Its quality shines through”, Issue 87

“A superb piece of software”univadis

“I am not new to this software, having used a previous version and I was mightily impressed the last time, so what did I think of version 4.0? Well it is even better! This is a superb piece of software that will appeal to new and advanced users alike … It is easy to use and intuitive and it does not take long for a new user to get up and running. Advanced users will find almost everything they need and so this software can allow a user to graduate from basic to experienced without having to change the programme you have to use … This is a quality programme that I am sure would cover most people’s genealogy needs and more”, univadis, November 2009

Winner of ‘Which?’ Group Test

Sept 2009: Which? Computing tests 9 genealogy software packages. Family Historian comes out top with the highest overall score, and gets a Best Buy award. Family Historian also came out top in last year’s group test (see below). Which? is the UK’s largest consumer organisation.

“An excellent choice…”Family History Magazine

“Family Historian allows considerable flexibility over what records – and in what detail – you can maintain, and this version is an improvement on its first release. It’s an excellent choice for the beginner and the more experienced user alike”, Family History Monthly, September 2009

“The best just got better still”

“When version 3 was released … I used the phrase ‘the best just got better’. And this time? I think that the best ‘just got better still‘”, Family Tree magazine, July 2009

“Everything you need…”Seal of Approval

“The Focus screen is a great way to move around your tree and add relatives … If you’ve never used FH’s charts, it’s worth downloading the trial version from just to try them. The default layouts are easy to follow, though you have almost limitless options to modify the layout and contents … Single-sex unions, multi-level undo/redo, GEDCOM export with an option to withhold private data, and an updated 200-page Getting the Best From FH book in PDF format round off an excellent package … Everything you need to record your family tree in one box.”, Your Family Tree, July 2009

“Superb media management”

“One headline-grabbing feature is Family Historian’s superb media management tool. You can import files individually or in batches (perfect for large collections), and link them to multiple objects: individuals, families, sources and now facts as well … When linking photos, you can create thumbnails by dragging a frame around individuals or families to help identify them and provide thumbnails for a person when selected on the main screen. No other package comes close in this regard … the charting and reporting options are as impressive as ever”, Who Do You Think You Are? magazine, July 2009


Reviews & Awards for Version 3

Family History Software of the Year Award

Dec 2008: Family Historian is given the award Family History Software of the Year by Your Family Tree magazine.

“The best piece of genealogical software I have ever used”EYFHS

“Without the slightest hesitation, I am happy to label this the best piece of genealogical software I have ever used.” The Banyan Tree, journal of the East Yorkshire Family History Society, October 2008.

Winner of ‘Which?’ Group Test

July 2008: Which? Computing tests 8 genealogy software packages. Family Historian comes out top with the highest overall score and gets a Best Buy award. Which? is the UK’s largest consumer organisation.

“The diagrams are superb”National Genealogical Society News Magazine

“Family Historian 3.1 makes entering family data and source material simple … Exploring the options within the forms will acquaint new users with the powerful capabilities of the program … But what I especially like about Family Historian 3.1 is its use of diagrams and trees to make family relationships clearer … The diagrams are superb and flexible, and you are more likely to be limited by the size of your monitor than by any other constraint.” National Genealogical Society News Magazine, October-December 2007.

“All-round winner”Editor's Choice

“Packed with features, but the charts alone put this package in a class of its own.” Windows XP: The Official Magazine, August 2007. Family Historian 3.1 was declared winner, and Editor’s Choice, in a software group test comparing 4 genealogy programs (the others being Family Tree Maker, Roots Magic and Legacy).

“Brilliant and dead easy to use”univadis

“The programme is brilliant and dead easy to use and is ideal for beginners and experts alike. It comes with small but readable manual and had a good help system built in but to be honest you won’t need it … From beginners to experts, all mode of users are catered for, so there is no need to upgrade to a more sophisticated programme further down the line … Strongly recommended.” Dr Harry Brown, univadis, July 2007 (

“One of the best, if not the very best, in its class”Australian Family Tree Connections

“With the release of version 3 Family Historian has become one of the best, if not the very best, in its class. The range of charts is unrivalled, with total control of both layout and content, while the handling of pictures sets a standard others fail to reach. It’s good to see that website creation is now included, which leaves just one minor grumble that PDF files of charts and reports still have to be produced with an external program. Apart from that, and taking into account the excellent reports, queries and the GEDCOM merge capabilities, you have a winning package.” Australian Family Tree Connections, August 2006.

“The best genealogy package just got better”

“Previous updates to this excellent program have been free – once you’ve bought the basic package. This new version is a … paid-for upgrade … I believe that the upgrade to version 3 is well worth [the price] if only for the changes that have been made to charting … the best genealogy package just got better”, Family Tree magazine, July 2006

“An excellent genealogy package for beginners or professionals”

“One of the cheapest and easiest ways to organise family records … Family Historian 3 is a very powerful genealogy program that will organise information about your ancestors, as well as any media files you may have supporting it … Starting Family Historian 3 for the first time reveals its only major flaw: it can appear a little intimidating at first. However, contrary to first impressions, this genealogy program is actually very easy to use once a few basic options and tools have been mastered … In all, this is one of the easiest and most versatile genealogy programs we’ve come across. And … it represents great value for money compared with its rivals.” Computer Active magazine (issue 219) 6-19th July, 2006. Copyright (c) 2006, VNU Business Publications. Computer Active is the UK’s best-selling computer magazine.

“The best just got better”Norfolk Roots

“When I first tried Family Historian … I was immediately impressed … I had tried other programs before and more since and have found that the only thing better than Family Historian in its original format is Family Historian 3 … I could go on about picture-handling and multi-linking, or the fact that this program is reputed to have 100 per cent GEDCOM coverage (meaning more classifications within an imported file will be included) compared to other major programs which don’t even make 30 per cent. At the end of the day I recommend you try it out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.”, Norfolk Roots magazine, Issue 11, May/June 2006.

“An excellent tool for any genealogist”

“Creating and updating a family tree is probably the most complicated database work anyone will do outside of work. This new version of Family Historian makes this as simple as possible without compromising on capability … It is very well designed and easy to find the correct menu item or shortcut without having to constantly refer to help files … Photos, audio and video files can be added to family records. Each can be linked to one or more individuals related to the material. Impressively, not only can a whole photograph be linked to an individual but also just a section of it. This works best when picking faces out of large family photographs to link to individual records … Another impressive feature of Family Historian is the high degree of customisation that can be applied to the family tree … almost every aspect of reports and queries can also be tailored to your requirements … The range of features and sheer ease of use makes Family Historian an excellent tool for any genealogist.” Personal Computer World, May 2006. Click here to read the full review.

“Superb picture handling and the best set of charts around”

“Users of Family Historian have enjoyed a series of free upgrades that have made the software one of the best genealogy programs around. Now, with the arrival of version 3, is the first time they have been asked to reach for their credit cards … Is it worth upgrading to version 3? Our verdict is definitely. Apart from the range and flexibility of the charts there are new narrative reports, queries and a host of options for almost every aspect of the program. The handling of pictures and the ability to assign areas within them to people is unequalled in our experience … Buy it for… Organising data, superb picture handling and the best set of charts around..” Your Family Tree (, May 2006, Issue 37.


Reviews & Awards for Version 2.2

“Family Historian’s ability to handle pictures is excellent”Best Buy

“Family Historian is just as suitable for new users as it is for more experienced genealogists … Family Historian’s query engine is particularly powerful … Family Historian’s ability to handle pictures is excellent. One advantage it has over other programs is that you can link a single picture to multiple people, which is essential when you have a photo of a group of people … Family Historian uses GEDCOM as its native file format which means it should be possible to transfer data from internet sources and other software without loss of information. The latest version, 2.2, includes the facility to detect and correct GEDCOM errors introduced by other software.” Computer Shopper magazine (issue 198), August 2004.


Reviews & Awards for Version 2.1

“A dream to use”

“This Windows-based genealogy program is a dream to use and what makes it even more impressive is the ability to easily move data from other genealogy programs … Family Historian has excellent support for pictures and multimedia … Family Historian is fast becoming one of the most popular in the market place.”  Computer Active magazine (issue 139), 12-25 June 2003. Copyright 2003, VNU Business Publications. Of the 6 genealogy programs reviewed, only Family Historian was given 5 stars and the BUY IT! award.

“All of the features that serious genealogists demand in a modern Windows program.”

“Family Historian is an excellent Windows genealogy program from England … I found the data entry method to be easy and intuitive … Family Historian is a very visual program. It can operate in text mode, but most of the time I prefer to use the diagrams … I found the use of these diagrams to be very intuitive … I spent a lot of time with the diagrams. This feature not only has a pleasing appearance, but it also allows you to navigate around the family tree quickly and easily … I was able to quickly zoom in and out among ancestors, descendants, cousins, brothers-in-law, and more. If you want to edit the information about a person, you simply double-click on the person’s “box” in the diagram to open an editing window … I was very impressed with the speed of these diagrams … There is no way that I can describe this operation in words; all I can say is that everything seemed to appear in a flash … This is another advantage of Family Historian: you can store your own data in GEDCOM format, and you can also use the same program to quickly and easily examine other GEDCOM files that you receive from relatives or download from the Internet … Family Historian is also one of the best programs I have seen for comparing and merging together two or more GEDCOM files … A number of other programs can merge files, but on a record-by-record basis. Family Historian … allows you to do a full file merge so that you make all the decisions about how the files are to be merged. Even more important, before you start any of the merge process, you can see exactly what the outcome of will be… Family Historian has excellent support for source citations as well as for notes and documents … Family Historian has excellent support of pictures and multimedia … One item that I used a lot is the Query Engine. In fact, its power did not become apparent to me until I started making some rather unusual and complex queries … The Reports Window allows you to preview any report and browse it online … You can even have multiple Report Windows open at the same time if you want to. You can change almost every aspect of a report “on the fly.” … Family Historian has all of the features that serious genealogists demand in a modern Windows program.” Dick Eastman in Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter (Vol. 8 No. 20 – May 19, 2003).


Reviews of Version 2.0

“I realised what a powerful program this was”

“[Family Historian] has the look and feel of a Microsoft Office product. Many programs of this type design their own on-screen interface with a parchment appearance and ‘olde worlde’ fonts that don’t necessarily add to its usability … The manual makes very few assumptions about the user’s knowledge of Windows and explains each step in details … My data was stored in FTM9 … As far as I could tell all the data was transferred correctly, with the exception of photographs … which was no great loss as I wanted to link to the originals using FH’s far superior capabilities … The other features you would expect in a good genealogical program are all present in FH. Source citations, queries and reports are all performed with the flexibility that is the hallmark of this software … The first thing I noticed with this program was the clarity of the manual. It explains every feature of the software in great detail … By the end of the tour I realised what a powerful program this was and how almost every feature could be customised to meet my requirements. If … you need a powerful and innovative piece of software to store, present and query your researches Family Historian must be on your short-list of products to consider.” Leicestershire & Rutland Family History Society (, Journal No. 111, March 2003.

“It dares to be different”

“The creators have taken a fresh look at how genealogy software should work – it dares to be different and I think it succeeds … Family Historian offers extremely quick and easy use … excellent facility for comparing and merging two family files, something that has been tricky or even impossible with other family history programs … you have a great degree of control over the appearance and content of your charts … the trees are fully interactive and provide a very satisfying way of using the data … You can open or close branches on a tree … this is a particularly useful feature … quickly became my favourite way of working … helped me identify some neglected areas of my own research … program has a very clever way of creating buttons on family group portraits … I’ve often wondered why such a useful feature hadn’t been adopted by other programs. Family Historian does it a little better though … search system is very comprehensive … one of the few family history programs to run properly under Windows XP … considering that this is a first release, it’s a very mature and usable program with some excellent features … Family Historian is already a strong rival [to Generations] and has the potential to be much better. Since launch, the sales of its American rivals have apparently dropped and it looks set to become the UK’s No 1 family history program.” Family Historian Monthly (Sept. 2002, No. 84).

“An excellent addition to the genealogical stable”

“The charting facility of Family Historian is extremely powerful in another area that I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I was able to click on a person, drag away from that person, and Family Historian … allows you to create a new person with all their details … Family Historian is an excellent addition to the genealogical stable and one that I am sure will endure … Many features included in this first release already make it stand out on its own” Australian Family Tree Connections magazine (July 2002).

“Well ahead of any other similar program”

“Family Historian is not difficult to learn and use but it is very sophisticated and well ahead of any other similar program … The installation of Family Historian was smooth and fast … I would buy this program just for this one feature [Merge/Compare] which is superb … It’s difficult to select which of the features of Family Historian I like the best … the Multimedia facilities are superb and provide linkages not possible with other programs … the fullest support possible is given for Sources and for Notes and Documents … I was very impressed with this program not just of the scope and speed but also because of the uncluttered design … The future of this excellent program looks good.”

“Very impressive”

“To my mind there is a lot that … makes this program stand out from the rest … Very impressive indeed … Charting … is one of the major strengths … I could go on with what is possible using charting but do not have the space … The program has one of the most comprehensive search facilities that I have seen … it is packed with features that I wish were in some of the others … I, for one, will be using the program in the future” Family Tree magazine (May 2002, Vol. 7).