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26-data-matchingIn Family Historian 6, have you seen little white and green circles with numbers in them on the Focus Window (the main workspace window)? ?These are called ‘hints’. ?It means that a match has been found for that person on a MyHeritage database. If you haven’t seen any hints yet, try looking at more relatives in the Focus Window.

When you click on any of these hints, MyHeritage will show a summary page, showing a list of historical records (‘Record Matches’) or Family Tree profiles (‘Smart Matches’) where MyHeritage believes it has found a record for the person in question. ?Within this summary page, you can click on each listed item to see the full details. ? What happens next depends on whether you already have a data subscription with MyHeritage or not, and whether the record is held in ?a free database or not. ?If you already have a data subscription, or if the record is held in a free database, you will be shown the full record details. ?But if the record is not in a free database, and you don’t already have a data subscription, MyHeritage will display a ‘pay wall’, requiring you (if you want to proceed any further) to take out a data subscription. ?There will be a ‘Buy Now’ button on this pay wall.
My Heritage knows that you are a Family Historian user, having arrived at this web-page by clicking on a hint within Family Historian; so the price you will be quoted will already include the ‘Family Historian’ discount which will be mentioned on the screen (you will be shown a crossed-out price, which is what the price would have been without the discount). ?So to get the discount, you just have to click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and follow the instructions.?


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How Related

How Related 1 SelectThe “How Related” tool can show in many different ways how two people are related, using a simple list, a report or a variety of diagram layouts it make’s it easy to see just what?”first cousin three times removed” actually means.

It’s quick to access using either the Tools menu or by hitting CTRL-R at any stage and select the two people you want to compare. ? The relationship will then be displayed. ?To go further you can use the report or diagram options to see more information.

How Related Report
The How Related Report, with pictures and list of people in the direct line.
How Related 5 Diagram Full
Default diagram showing the siblings and spouses of the relations.
Compact diagram showing only the direct path
Compact diagram showing only the direct path




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New Web Search Window

  • The new web search window is a complete web-browser in a window and allows easy browsing of the Internet and is one of the components of the new Web Clipping Capability (see below).
  • The new window integrates with the ?Search the Internet Search? which can now maintain Web Search Window bookmarks
  • Although there are several big advantages to using the Web Search window (e.g. support for drag-and-drop), you can always use an external browser if you prefer, either for Internet searches or for Internet Data Matching

A design goal for version 6 was to make it as easy possible to extract text and images from any website that a user may visit, while also making it as easy as possible to provide appropriate source citations.? There should be no need to have to re-type any text.? We considered creating a special tool to support web clipping, but concluded that we could do a much better job by creating or enhancing a number of different components that can be used for web clipping, but not just for web clipping.? The components and enhancements are:

  • The New Web Search window
  • The New Automatic Source Citation Pane
  • Easier, Faster Data Entry and an Enhanced Property Box
  • Drag-and-Drop Everywhere (and Copy-and-Paste Images)
  • More ?Modeless? Windows
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Automatic Internet Data Matching

  • fh6-smart-matchCalico Pie has teamed up with MyHeritage to provide automatic Internet data matches. These can be either ?Smart Matches? (family trees) or ?Record Matches? (historical data records) or both.? On-screen hints in the Focus Window display when matches are found.? Clicking on the hint shows the matches in a MyHeritage web page.? Some of the matches can be viewed and confirmed for free, while others require a MyHeritage data subscription.
  • Configuration options in Preferences allow detailed user control. You can enable or disable Automatic Internet Data Matching here, or even selectively disable it for the current project only. You can also specify the type of matches you’re interested in, the confidence level you require, and other details.
  • Matches can be viewed either in the new Web Search window (see below) or an external web browser.
  • Use of Data Matches can be controlled by the Tools>Preferences on a Project by Project basis.

fh6-smart-match-dropdownSee the MyHeritage Matches & Privacy Policy statement (also accessible via a link on the ?Internet Data Matches? tab on Preferences) for more information.

The following joint press release was made on the 24th November 2014

TEL AVIV, Israel & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MyHeritage, the popular family history network, and Calico Pie Limited, London-based publishers of genealogy software, today jointly announced that MyHeritage?s Smart Matching? and Record Matching technologies will be integrated into Family Historian, Calico Pie?s popular desktop genealogy program. This will enable users to benefit from automated discoveries sourced from millions of family trees and billions of global historical records on MyHeritage.

?With the seamless integration of MyHeritage technologies, Family Historian is set to deliver unprecedented value to users interested in exploring their past.?

Family Historian incorporates comprehensive features designed to make family history friendly for beginners and experts alike. The new version 6 of Family Historian, scheduled for release on December 9th 2014, will feature MyHeritage matching. Some matches will be free to view while others will require a MyHeritage subscription.

MyHeritage helps millions of families worldwide discover and preserve their unique history effortlessly on its services across Web, mobile and desktop. Its flagship technologies Smart Matching? and Record Matching match family trees with other family trees and relevant historical records. This allows users to discover new stories about their ancestors, discover relatives and connect with family members they have not known before. With a high accuracy rate of 97%, these technologies make fascinating family history discoveries automatically.

?We?re delighted to enhance the latest release of Family Historian with the best matching technologies in the industry,? said Simon Orde, Managing Director of Calico Pie. ?With the seamless integration of MyHeritage technologies, Family Historian is set to deliver unprecedented value to users interested in exploring their past.?

?We?re excited to provide our matching technologies to a top-notch product like Family Historian?, said MyHeritage?s Founder & CEO Gilad Japhet. ?Our technologies have been used successfully on MyHeritage by millions of people. They have helped people make life-changing discoveries and have enriched their lives. We are now proud to make these technologies available also to partners, and Family Historian will be among the first to include them, to be followed by many more.?

MyHeritage matching technologies are also being integrated by leading Dutch genealogy software Aldfaer and the online genealogy services of Coret Genealogie in the Netherlands.

About MyHeritage

MyHeritage is the leading destination for discovering, sharing and preserving family history. As technology thought leaders and innovators, MyHeritage is transforming family history into an activity that?s accessible and instantly rewarding. Its global user community enjoys access to a massive database of historical records, the most internationally diverse collection of family trees, and ground-breaking search and matching technologies. MyHeritage is trusted by millions of families and provides them an easy way to share their story, past and present, and treasure it for generations to come. MyHeritage is available in 40 languages.



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Support for Witnesses on all Facts

?Witness? here means anyone who has a role in an event, without being the principal or one of the principals.? For example, the couple getting married are the principals in a Marriage event; but the bridesmaids, best man, ushers, minister and other participants, are all ?witnesses?.

  • The witnesses for any event (or attribute) can now all be viewed, added, edited or deleted, in a new floating (and ?modeless? ? see below) Witnesses window, accessible from the Facts tab of the Property Box.
  • You can add any recorded Individual as a witness to any fact, and also ?name-only? witnesses.
  • The events that an Individual is a witness to, are listed with other facts about that person, in the Facts tab of the Property Box.
  • Each witness has a specified role in the event or attribute, as well as optionally a note and source citations. A number of roles are pre-defined for existing fact types, but you can add as many new roles as you wish, for any event or attribute.
  • Sentences about events that a person has witnessed are included in narrative reports for that person. Any sentence (or sentences) describing an event ? from the point-of-view of either the principals or witnesses ? may include information about the witnesses (or other witnesses) who participated in it, and their roles.
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Improved Automatic Source Citation

Drag and drop to create your source and automatically record everything against it.

  • The old Automatic Source Citation dialog has been replaced with the new Automatic Source Citation pane which is docked at the top of the screen whenever an Automatic Source Citation is enabled.
  • The apparently simple pane is deceptively powerful and makes it easy to find and create source records and source citations. The Automatic Source Citation pane is another component in the new Web Clipping Capability (see below).