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A New Home for the Family Historian Users Mailing List at

Since Family Historian was first released, users have been able to share advice and tips with one another on a RootsWeb mailing list called FAMILY-HISTORIAN-USERS. This is not the only way users can communicate with one another. There are other excellent resources for FH users. For example, every Family Historian user should definitely be a member of the excellent Family Historian User Group website ( which offers unrivalled facilities for the Family Historian user (knowledge base, forums, newsletter, videos, downloads, wish list, and more). Nevertheless, the mailing list is a bit different, in a way that suits many people, even if they’re also FHUG members, and it would be a shame to lose it. So when RootsWeb (the people who host the mailing list) recently announced that they will be discontinuing all mailing lists from March 2nd, we started looking round for a replacement home for the old mailing list. And we have now found one.

The replacement for the mailing list is a group (that’s what they call them) that we have created, at The new group is called simply ‘Family Historian’. Groups are very similar to mailing lists. Members receive all emails sent to the group and can post messages to the group. But there are numerous ways in which groups are superior to the old mailing lists. For one thing, you easily browse posts online in a web-browser, with convenient layout, filtering and search options.

To become a member of the new group, please go to and click the “Join This Group” button (or the ?”login if you are already a member” button if applicable).  We encourage all users of Family Historian, new and old, to join it.

When you have a account, you will be able to subscribe not just to the Family Historian group, but to any of their other groups that interest you. Other genealogy mailing lists are also moving to

To learn more, go to or see the Family Historian at page on this website.