The Family Historian User Group


The Family Historian User Group, often shortened to FHUG, is an independent website set up by Family Historian users for the benefit of Family Historian users. There are no membership fees or joining restrictions. Founded just months after Family Historian was released, it offers help and advice for users and potential users of Family Historian in a range of forums.  The resources available include…

  • A knowledge base: Including hints and suggestions and video tutorials on how to use features of Family Historian, such as adding images and creating queries, text schemes and even plugins.
  • Forums: Covering the use of Family Historian and more general queries.
  • Links: to useful add-ons, research sites and members web sites.
  • Downloads (including queries, text schemes and other custom items uploaded by users)
  • A wish list for Family Historian enhancements, you can vote on.
  • … and more.

The Family Historian User Group web-site is located at