Family Historian at


The Family Historian group at is, in effect, a forum where Family Historian users can discuss aspects of the program, new and inexperienced users can post questions and ask advice, and experienced users of Family Historian can share their knowledge and give tips.

For those who are not familiar with, it works like this. You can become a member of the group, or end your membership, whenever you like. Membership is free. Any member who wishes to do so, can post an email to the group which can be answered by any other member. By default all members are emailed a copy of all emails sent to the list by any other member; although you can opt to receive a summary, or no emails, if you prefer. You can also view all posts online in a web-browser.

How to Join

To become a member, go to and click the Join This Group button (or the Login if You are Already a Member button, if applicable).

How to View and Post Messages

Once you have joined, you can view group messages at (click Messages on the left). You can also read messages as emails when they’re sent (see tip below).

You can post emails to the group by sending them to: Or if you prefer, go to in your web-browser and click New Topic on the left.

Tip: If your email program allows it, you are recommended to accept an individual email for each message posted to the group (this is the default Subscription setting), but create a folder within your email program to store the group emails you receive. You can create a (mail) Message Rule within most email programs, which ensures that all email messages received from the group are automatically moved to this folder. The emails you want to move are ones where the ‘To’ line contains (i.e. ones that were originally sent to the group, and then forwarded to you). This has the advantage that group messages are kept conveniently grouped together, while still being easy to read.