Latest Free Update

Upgrade to Version 6.2.6

Users of Family Historian 6 can now download a free upgrade to the latest version, which is 6.2.6.  The new version has the following improvements:

  • Access to the Findmypast hinting service has been improved and made more robust.
  • The thumbnail cache is now excluded from backups.  There is no need for it to be backed-up as it is re-generated on demand; and without it, backups are faster and smaller.
  • Family Historian no longer makes any assumptions about how Ancestry and Family Tree Maker handle line-breaks in GEDCOM files (Family Tree Maker changed the way it handles them recently).
  • When importing from Family Tree Maker, the information about which picture is the preferred picture, is now included in the import.
  • Future-proofing and robustness features have been added.
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Emulation for the Mac and Linux has been improved (to enable this, click ‘Tools’  and then ‘Preferences’; then click the ‘Advanced’ button on the ‘General’ tab, and tick ‘Emulator Compatibility Mode’). These enhancements remove many of the previous limitations of running Family Historian under an emulator on the Mac or Linux. However there are still a few known limitations: (a) PDF support is still not enabled;  (b) Fan Charts still don’t work;  (c) Some form windows may display with caption bar only, the first time you open them. If you close and re-open them, thereafter they should be OK; (d) Links to FindMyPast may not work if you use the option to display the linked page in the Web Search window. You are recommended to use an external browser instead (this is a Preferences option).

Version 6.2.6 includes all enhancements for previous version 6 upgrades.  See Recent Changes for details of other changes in version 6.

As usual, this upgrade only works if you already have a licensed copy of version 6 installed. It will not work with any version of Family Historian earlier than version 6; nor will it work with trial, demo or starter editions. Users of versions earlier than version 6 can buy an upgrade to version 6 from the Family Historian Store page. To find out which version you have, run Family Historian and click on “About Family Historian” on the Help menu.

To upgrade, open Family Historian 6 and click ‘Check for Updates’ on the Help menu. If your version is earlier than 6.2.6, there should be an ‘Upgrade Now’ button which you can click to upgrade. Alternatively, if you prefer (or if you have an old version and there is no ‘Upgrade Now’ button), you can download the upgrade program to your PC by clicking the button below. When the download has completed, run the program to upgrade.

Download “Family Historian 6.2.6 Upgrade” – Downloaded 10716 times –