Notice Board


  • June 7th. The GenealogyReviews YouTube channel has just released Query Building in Family Historian… which is an excellent introduction to Family Historian queries. If you’re not already using queries, you should definitely check it out. Also, very useful is Shared Events, Witness Roles & Associations…, released a month ago. See the GenealogyReviews channel for many more.
  • February 15th. We have just learned that Family Historian has won another GenSoftReviews Users Choice Award. Thank you very much for everyone who has reviewed us at GenSoftReviews over the years. These days magazines do far fewer software reviews than they once did. We rely to a great extent on word-of-mouth. So if you have helped spread the word over the years, perhaps this is good moment to say thank you! We greatly appreciate it.
  • August 23rd. For the latest on historical maps, please see Update on Historical Maps.
  • June 15th. The GenealogyReviews YouTube channel has put up a video about Family Historian, Family Historian dynamic colour coding and icon enhancements, partly in response to a video posted elsewhere about Roots Magic 8 colour coding. The GenealogyReviews channel focussed primarily on Roots Magic in the past, but recent videos have concentrated more on Family Historian and we understand that more are planned. They’re useful videos covering various features in detail, and definitely worth checking out.
  • June 1st. Owing to the popularity of the earlier courses, WEA (Adult Learning Within Reach) have put on another online course on Family Historian, in July. See Events page for more details.
  • June 1st. The MyHeritage hints service is now operating normally once again.
  • March 15th. WEA (Adult Learning Within Reach) announce three short courses on Family Historian, in April, May and June. The Society of Genealogists also announces a tutorial on Family Historian in April. See Events page for more details.
  • February 11th. New video tour of Family Historian: A Quick Tour of Family Historian 7 (8 mins). This video gives an overview of the whole program.
  • February 3rd. New video: What’s New in Family Historian 7.  Narrated by the program designer, Simon Orde, the video covers some of the key features that were added in version 7 – such as Word Processing Features, Research Notes, Source Templates, Transcription Tools, Data Entry Assistants, Historical Maps, and more.
  • January 7th. FindMyPast hints have stopped working. We have logged the issue with FindMyPast (the problem is on their server). Update (4pm GMT): FindMyPast say that the service is now working as normal once again.
  • December 2nd, 2021. The latest update of Family Historian (7.0.9) now supports screen font scaling, which means that all users can adjust the text to a size that is comfortable for them. The new version also adds support for full row selection in lists, and includes substantial improvements to the TMG direct import, among other things. See Version 7 Updates to learn more.
  • December 2nd, 2021. The German language pack in the Plugin Store has been updated to version 1.2. The new version translates ‘from’ and ‘to’ differently, depending on whether the context is a place or an email.
  • November 10th, 2021. The MyHeritage problem appears to be resolved.
  • October 29th, 2021. We are currently experiencing intermittent problems with services relating to MyHeritage hints and geocoding. We are working with the relevant service providers to investigate and resolve the problem.
  • June 2021. TopTenReviews looks at the best family tree software available in 2021.  Family Historian 7 is rated number 1 as “best family tree maker overall”.
  • June 21st, 2021. The latest update of Family Historian is version 7.0.7. See Version 7 Updates to learn about the new and improved features.
  • May 4th, 2021. The German language pack has been revised and updated. To download the new version (1.1), click ‘Language Packs on the Tools menu, click the ‘Import’ button and choose ‘From Family Historian Plugin Store’. Newly installed language packs never replace existing ones. They are added as alternatives.
  • May 2021. PC Pro calls Family Historian “an outstanding piece of software” and gives it their ‘PC Pro Recommended’ badge (Issue 319, May 2021).
  • Jan 2021. Family Historian gets GenSoftReviews’ Users Choice Award for “Top Rated Genealogy Software” for 2020. This is the tenth year in a row that Family Historian has won this award. Many thanks to everyone who reviewed us!

Other Notices

  • Language packs. If the language pack you need does not yet exist, why not create it yourself? Creating a language pack for Family Historian is not that hard, and there’s help available. Learn more and register an interest…
  • Data Entry Assistants. Did you know that all the tools you need to create data entry assistants are included with every copy of Family Historian? Learn more and register an interest…