Frequently Asked Questions – for TMG Users

Since the announcement that The Master Genealogist has been discontinued, we have had enquiries about Family Historian from TMG users. This page attempts to answer TMG-related questions.

Is it possible to import directly from TMG into Family Historian?

Yes. Please make sure TMG is not running and then in Family Historian on the Project Window, click ‘New Project’, choose “Import from other family tree file” and select your TMG database.

Does this include everything?

The import is extremely comprehensive. It includes individuals, families, relationships, names, facts, dates, memos, exhibits, sources, repositories, source citations, flags, and more. We urge TMG users to try out the import yourselves, with your own data, and let us know if any important data is excluded (email

Is it possible to import from TMG using a GEDCOM file?

Yes, but we recommend that you use the direct import if you can, as this is more comprehensive.

Does the import include witnesses?

Yes.  From version 6 witnesses are imported from TMG. You can record as many witnesses as you like for any event or attribute. The program comes with many standard roles for these witnesses (such as ‘bridesmaid’, ‘best man’ and so on), but you can create as many new roles as you like, and each role can have as many people as you like, including defining roles for the principles as well.

Is it possible to try out the import before buying the program?

Yes. Download the 30-day free trial, create a new project and import your data into it.

Is there a forum where TMG users who are moving to Family Historian can ask advice and share tips with other TMG users?

The best option is to join the Family Historian User Group website ( This is a free, independent website for Family Historian users.

How can I create or edit fact definitions for TMG tags like ‘Military Begins’?

First, make sure you are on the latest version of Family Historian (click ‘Check for Updates’ on the Help menu). Then, if you used ‘Military Begins’ in TMG, after importing into FH you should see ‘Military Begins’ listed as a fact in the Facts tab of the Property Box (main data entry window), for the individuals who have this tag. Click on the Tools menu, then ‘Fact Types’, and tick the ‘Show Hidden’ check box. You should see ‘Military-Begin’ listed as an undefined fact type. Select it and click the ‘Edit’ button. You will be prompted to create a new fact definition for this fact type. In the ‘Fact Set’ field, enter a name that is meaningful to you (e.g. ‘TMG’) – or leave it as the default (‘Custom’) if you prefer. You should modify the sentence template to something like this: “{individual} began {his/her} military service {date} {place}”. From now on this fact definition will be available in a list of fact types, and you can edit it whenever you want.