Update on Historical Maps

The historical maps feature in Family Historian used a free Internet service provided to us by the National Library of Scotland. Unfortunately, they have now withdrawn this service, so the historical maps feature no longer works and has been removed from the latest update of Family Historian. We are currently investigating alternative ways of re-introducing historical maps. If, as seems likely, we have to pay usage charges for accessing such maps in the future, we may introduce an optional subscription scheme of some kind, for Family Historian users who are willing to pay a modest annual charge for access to historical maps. All possibilities and options are being considered.

Whatever scheme we adopt, we expect that it will require a significant development effort on our part. The existing code infrastructure is not likely to be adequate as it stands. However, historical maps remain very much part of our plans for the future. If we can, we would like to expand this feature. Up to now, historical maps have only covered Great Britain. If we can find service providers who offer historical maps covering other parts of the world as well, we would certainly like to offer that too.

Calico Pie
August 2022