Help for Data Entry Assistants

If there is currently no data entry assistant for a particular type of source that you believe would benefit from having one, would you be interested in helping to create one? If so, we recommend posting a question about it in the Plugin Discussions forum in the Family Historian User Group website. Be aware that data entry assistants are Family Historian plugins, and a degree of technical skill is need to write them. However, even if you are not technical yourself, it is possible that you might be able to team up with someone else who is. At any rate, it can’t hurt to ask and it can’t hurt to register an interest.

If you do have a technical background and fancy the idea of writing a data entry assistant yourself, the Plugins forum is a good place to ask for help. Bear in mind that all the tools and documentation you need, to write a Family Historian plugin, are included with every copy of Family Historian, including an editor and debugger. The scripting language used is called ‘Lua’. To learn more about it, start Family Historian and click Plugins on the Tools menu. Then press the ‘More >>’ button, and finally click the “How to Write Plugins” button. Most of the Help relates to writing ordinary plugins. Data entry assistants are a special kind of plugin. To learn more specifically about them, expand the top-level topic “Special Plugin Types” in the Plugin Help, and then view “Source-Driven Data Entry Plugins” topic.