Standard GEDCOM Fact Tags

A ‘fact’ in this context means an event or attribute. GEDCOM facts can be individual facts or family facts. An individual fact is one that has just one principal. For example, the fact might be baptism, and the individual is the person being baptised. A family fact can have two principals. An example of a family fact would be marriage or divorce.

The list below show all standard GEDCOM 5.5.1 fact tags. For more information, please see the GEDCOM specification (5.5.1).

BIRTIndividual EventBirth
CHR Individual Event Christening
DEAT Individual Event Death
BURI Individual Event Burial
CREM Individual Event Cremation
ADOP Individual Event Adoption
BAPM Individual Event Baptism
BARM Individual Event Bar Mitzvah
BASM Individual Event Bas Mitzvah
BLES Individual Event Blessing
CHRA Individual Event Adult christening
CONF Individual Event Confirmation
FCOM Individual Event First communion
ORDN Individual Event Ordination
NATU Individual Event Naturalization
EMIG Individual Event Emigration
IMMI Individual Event Immigration
CENS Individual Event Census
PROB Individual Event Probate
WILL Individual Event Will
GRAD Individual Event Graduation
RETI Individual Event Retirement
CASTIndividual AttributeCaste
DSCR Individual Attribute Physical description
EDUC Individual Attribute Education
IDNO Individual Attribute Identity number
NATI Individual Attribute Nationality
NCHI Individual Attribute Children count
NMR Individual Attribute Marriage count
OCCU Individual Attribute Occupation
PROP Individual Attribute Property
RELI Individual Attribute Religion
RESI Individual Attribute Residence
SSN Individual Attribute Social security number
TITL Individual Attribute Title
ANULFamily EventAnnulment
CENS Family Event Census
DIV Family Event Divorce
DIVF Family Event Divorce filed
ENGA Family Event Engagement
MARB Family Event Marriage bann
MARC Family Event Marriage contract
MARR Family Event Marriage
MARL Family Event Marriage License
MARS Family Event Marriage settlement
RESI Family Event Residence