I Get An Error Message When I Run the Upgrade Program

A small number of users, when they run the upgrade program to upgrade Family Historian to version 4, may get an error message which looks like this:

If you see this error message, or one like it (you may see another letter instead of ‘C’ at the end of the message), there is an error with the Family Historian settings on your system, which is preventing the upgrade from working. This error was introduced by a very early edition of Family Historian version 2 and has been present ever since (without previously causing any problems).

Please click on the link below to download a patch to fix the problem:

Download fhpatch090429.exe (45 KB)

We recommend saving the file to ‘Desktop’. After saving, the patch file will appear on the screen desktop and you can double-click it to run it.

If your web-browser offers you the chance to Run or Open the file, you can run the patch this way if you prefer.

When the patch file has been run, it should correct the error on your system. A message will be displayed to confirm that the patch has been successfully applied. Now re-start your upgrade to version 4 . If you are using a CD, remove the CD from the drive, and reinsert it to trigger a re-start of the upgrade.

If you wish to keep a copy of the patch file, you are free to do so.


If you are unable to apply the patch, or if you have any other problem, please email support@family-historian.co.uk