Frequently Asked Questions – for Family Tree Maker Users

This page answers commonly-asked questions by Family Tree Maker users. See also the Product FAQ and Family Historian Welcomes Family Tree Maker Users for more information.

How do I move my Family Tree Maker data into Family Historian?

You export your data as a GEDCOM file. You then create a new project within Family Historian and take the option to import a GEDCOM file, and select the GEDCOM file you exported. For more detail, see Import from Family Tree Maker (FTM).

Is it possible to try out the import before buying the program?

Yes. Download the 30-day free trial, create a new project and import your data into it.

Is there a tour of the program I could look at?

Yes there’s a screenshot tour and a video tour.

Is there a forum where FTM users can post questions and ask advice about moving to Family Historian?

Questions about moving data into Family Historian should be posted to the Importing and Exporting forum on the Family Historian User Group website ( Questions about general usage should be posted to the General Usage forum. You will need to register to be allowed to post. But it’s free, and you don’t have to already be a Family Historian user.