Recently Updated Plugins

  • Export Gedcom File V3.9 (23 Sep 2019) By Mike Tate. Exports GEDCOM and Media files in GEDCOM 5.5/Draft 5.5.1 format without FH custom tags, but with options for many genealogy product dialects. V3.9: . . . Fix generic problem introduced with V3.8 (RFT) RootsFinder Family Tree export mode updated V3.8: Library modules updated to latest version for safer IUP GUI. (FTA) Family Tree Analyzer export mode now retains Place records. (HER) Heredis by BSD Concept export mode now supports version 2019. (AQP) Ancestral Quest Program export mode is now supported. (AGS) Ancestris Genealogy Software export mode is now supported. (RFT) RootsFinder Family Tree export mode is now supported. (CEB) Custom Export Beta mode defaults to (Sdr) Standard Gedcom Draft 5.5.1 mode. (Sdr) Standard GEDCOM Draft 5.5.1 mode has Place Record option to move MAP/LATI/LONG structure to Place fields. V3.7: Shared Settings for Max height, Max width & Use JPEG file format apply to all exported image files. Restore Defaults has a warning prompt with a Cancel the Reset option. [unnamed person] given surname ? as some products do not support a blank name. Fix a problem with moving File Root Individual record to follow the Header record. V3.6: The Export Fact Definitions option now handles all Unicode characters. Companion Used rule for 1 _USED is fixed for TNG promoted Given Name Used. Library modules updated to fix Day Number issues with the Sort Date feature. V3.5: Handles LMO Sort Dates from Order Facts by Sort Date Plugin, and improves any Sort Date derived from a Before Date or After Date. V3.4: Updates issues with the Sort Date feature added in V3.3, and for export to Ancestry converts Census to Residence to improve hints, plus other minor fixes. V3.3: Basic Options tab has new (+) Full Data v (-) Brief Data option. Extra Options tab has new options and a Label Options tab has been added. Adds new (GWC) GEDmill Website Creator and (FTD) Family Tree DNA export modes. Updates many other export modes with new features as explained in the Help & Advice pages. V3.2: Adds [[private]] text option per mode, and export modes for (MYH) MyHeritage Family Tree and (TPT) TribalPages Tree, plus minor updates. V3.1: Adds export mode for (GST) GedSite, adds Multimedia conversion for Absolute Link Records, plus updates for (GRT) Genes Reunited and (TNG) The Next Generation. V3.0: Fixes standalone Gedcom Cannot Make Folder problem. V2.9: Improves syncing across PC, new Keep Media folders option, Exclude from Diagrams inhibits FTM and TNG primary photo tags, and minor update for (LFT) Legacy Family Tree. V2.8: Adds export modes for GEDCOM Draft 5.5.1, and fixes some problems with analysing record names, and synchronising settings across PC. V2.7: Export to (FMP) FindMyPast Family Tree and (HER) Heredis by BSD Concept add CONC tag to NOTE records to prevent exclusion. V2.6: Export to (LFT) Legacy Family Tree supports Note record Research & Medical tabs, improves Note record format, and excludes Updated CHANge date-time-stamps.Extra Options offer GEDCOM Draft 5.5.1 FORMat tag subsidiary to FILE tag.Other Options offer same sex HUSB/WIFE relationship in asymmetric format.Supports UNICODE UTF-16 characters U+10000 to U+10FFFF in Supplementary Planes.Fixes Caption Note problem for FILE~REL mode Output Media Style. V2.5: (ANC) Ancestry Family Tree and (LFT) Legacy Family Tree and (RWW) RootsWeb WorldConnect now export the Associated Person (ASSO) tag as a custom Event. The output Media format now provides better control of Note contents. V2.4: Improved export for (RMT) RootsMagic plus other minor enhancements. V2.3: New Exclude [[private]] Notes setting, more tolerant of UDF tags, TNG does not tidy Place and Address fields, and NOTE/CONC/CONT tags handled better. V2.2: Adds (ANC) Ancestry Family Tree and (FMP) FindMyPast Family Tree options, moves default Export folder to Project Public folder, plus minor bug fixes. V2.1: Updates for (GSP) GedStar Pro, (TNG) The Next Generation, and (ZPG) ZoomPast options, plus minor bug fixes. V2.0: Adds (GSP) GedStar Pro, (LFT) Legacy, (RMT) RootsMagic, and (ZPG) ZoomPast options, new Other Options tab, synthetic Facts for Witnessed/Shared Events, and other minor updates. V1.9: Adds (HER) Heredis by BSD Concept and (GSP) GedStar Pro for Android options, plus more improvements and bug fixes. V1.8: Major update of Gedcom export mode for the (FTM) Family Tree Maker 2014 product and of Multimedia conversion options for Part/Full Frames, plus other improvements and bug fixes. V1.7: FH V6 update for TNG to retain Place Records. V1.6: Handles Media Link/Note inconsistencies, supports FH V6 Place Records & Witness Roles, adds Family Historian 5 export mode and Multimedia Records with Absolute or Relative file links . V1.5: FH V5 and FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 UTF-16 Gedcom support. V1.4: Copes if no File Root, offers JPEG for all Media Frames & closing option to view Gedcom in FH, Notepad, or Explorer. V1.3: Converts Media files similar to the Convert File Links Plugin and adds a few other options. V1.2: Initial Plugin Store version. V1.0 & V1.1 FHUG trial versions.
  • Change Any Fact Tag V3.0 (17 Sep 2019) By Mike Tate. Lets any Individual Fact or Family Fact, or Level 1 Tag, be deleted or changed. Supports all Standard Facts, Custom Facts, Gedcom Tags and UDF . . . Tags. Source data can be selected by Value, Date, Place or Records via Filters. When an Attribute is changed to an Event its Value is saved in a SOURce Note. Corrects abnormal UDF Tag values, such as @@S99@@ record links. Allows confirmation of changes, keeps Log Files, creates Result Set of changes, and retains settings across PC. See the built in Help and Advice for more details. V3.0: Fixes bug that omitted any long Fact Name/Label that had no Abbreviation. V2.9: Can now select Records via the Filter. V2.8: Fixes problem with Fact Set files for Facts with no Hidden status. V2.7: Fixes problems handling Witness ROLE Fact definitions and Events Baptism, Christening, Annulment, or Divorce. V2.6: Copes with Fact Names that are or due to Fact Types settings, and Place filters now also match EMIG/IMMIgration Event To/From _PLAC values. V2.5: Copes with Custom Fact names same as Standard/Gedcom Tag names, and Date filters match both LONG and COMPACT formats. V2.4: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 with Unicode characters and Place Records. V2.3: Offers user dialogue improvements and minor bug fixes. V2.2: Adds Interface Font option, Result Set of changes, Knowledge Base Help, and GUI & code revisions. V2.1: Added the View & Delete Log Files button to user interface. V2.0: Tested with many UDF Facts & Tags, and new user interface with Filter option. V1.1: Copes with most UDF Fact anomalies and adds many user interface features. Any unconvertible data and error reports are logged and saved in SOURce Notes. Reveals a problem with fhSetValue... API for multi-line ADDR fields with CONT. V1.0 Beta: Initial release.
  • Search and Replace V3.0 (22 Jul 2019) By Mike Tate. Searches for any text, age, or date values within the current project, and allows them to be replaced by new values, with an optional confirmation at . . . each stage. On completion, all processed values are listed in a Result Set with links back to the record fields. V3.0: Rearranged Major Options tab sections more logically, plus Show/Hide White Space option, and Extra Filters tab Date fields option for LMO/Sort Date (~OBJE._DATE). V2.9: When a Media Linked File is replaced then similarly alter the actual Media File Path itself. Cater for FILE and FORM tags correctly. V2.8: New Select Records option for the Search Scope filter. V2.7: Format check & report for Import preset files, and other minor improvements. V2.6: Presets can be imported & exported. Initialisation progress bar for large projects. V2.5: Provides presets that allow multiple search & replace settings to be preserved for future use. V2.4: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 with Unicode and Place Records & Witness Roles. V2.3: New global Search Scope filter, and minor bug fixes. V2.2: Better support for Date Phrases. V2.1: Search and Replace allow tab & newline characters, simpler Major Options tab plus advanced Extra Filters tab, and improved search methods. V2.0: New options to choose fields plus other settings, Search ONLY mode added, complete makeover including sticky settings and online Help & Advice. V1.7: Add Date and Text Field Name related search & replace capability. V1.6: Add Data Reference details to the replace prompt for the context of the field being changed. V1.5: General Code Tidy (not published). V1.4: Add Whole Words search and Plain Text search to inhibit Lua Pattern characters. V1.3: Add Case Insensitive searching and Cancel or Close the window will abort the replaces, while still listing the changes made. V1.2: Change to provide a Skip button. Click the Close button on the window to cancel. V1.1: Add Skip box which can be selected to skip over a change and a Result Set which is shown at the end of all the items changed.
  • Multifact V1.7 (17 Jul 2019) By Helen Wright. There are some occasions on which it would be really useful to be able to create one or more facts for a one or more individuals using the same source . . . and some shared data. Ancestral Sources does this for the most common source types, but there are sources it doesn't handle. For example: - You have a passenger list and want to create an Emigration fact for all the members of a family, with the same source citation details, and some common fact details (e.g.departure and arrival places, date, a note about the ship they travelled on...) - You have an electoral roll and want to create a Residence fact for all those living at the same address, again with the same source citation details and with a common date, place and address. - You have a military service record and want to create a number of facts for the same individual (service number, enlistment, ....). In this case the source citation details may not all be the same (e.g. where in source will vary) and the fact details will all be different, but it might still be convenient to create all the facts at once before going in to edit the specific details for each one). Yes, it's possible to achieve the same thing using Autosource citation, and copying and pasting facts, but sometimes that's a lot of work and prone to missing something/somebody. The Multifact plugin (attached) allows you to choose a single (existing) Source and optionally fill in some or all citation details for it; one or more Individuals; and one or more Fact types. You can then specify some all or no common fact details (date, age, place, etc.) and create a set of identical facts for all the individuals selected. The plugin keeps an on-screen log of all the facts you've created, so you can make several batches without exiting the plugin but keep track of what you have and haven't done. And when you do exit the plugin, the facts created are presented in FH ready for further editing (not everyone will have the same age at emigration, for example, so you will need to add age to each individual emigration fact.)
  • Flexible CSV Importer V1.5 (22 Jun 2019) By Mike Tate. Takes a CSV file and creates people, adds facts and creates spouse and parent-child relationships in Family Historian. Columns in the CSV file can be . . . mapped to the appropriate fields using an interface in the plugin - fixed column formatting or naming is not required. The plugin can optionally append a source to every entry, and can create different citation details (i.e. "Where in Source") for each line of the CSV. Within each row, for each individual, it is assumed that any references to a fact type relate to the same occurrence of that fact. Custom references can be used to identify the same individual in different rows of the CSV either to build a more complex tree or to allow for multiple occurrences of a fact type. The type of use intended when creating this was import of a variety of data that a one-name or place study might be interested in. For example, baptism transcripts which may include birth and baptism names, parents names and address all in the one line. Custom references allow for individuals to be linked across lines of the CSV to create larger family records, e.g. where the same parents had multiple children baptised. This plugin is intended for use in a new Project, and will not link to individuals already present in the database. Please check the import results carefully and report any bugs in the FHUG Plugin Discussions Forum. Version 1.5 has better CSV syntax checks, more Source Citation options, a Help page and new dialogues. Version 1.4 fixes a bug in mapping note fields. Version 1.3 fixes a bug that sometimes occurs when creating families using custom references. Version 1.2 adds option to discard Custom References, and fixes bug where they are listed multiple times. Version 1.1 will append to, rather than overwrite, duplicated note fields and citation text fields. It also creates new facts instead of overwriting data if an individual has the same field type listed in multiple rows of the data.
  • DNA Lists Helper V1.1 (21 Mar 2019) By Jane Taubman. This small plugin returns lists of people who fit the following Direct Paternal Line Direct Maternal Line MtDNA Matches Y Chromosome Matches It will . . . prompt for a person to start from and then return a result set. The result column can then be saved to a named list for use on diagrams etc, to highlight matches for any of those situations.
  • Relatedness Report (Genetic) V1.1 (18 Mar 2019) By Jane Taubman. Based on the percentages here: This version shows the ranges for the groups . . . over .4 percent. The table controlling the range values is right at the top of the source code if you want to try tweaking it. Please note this version does not take into account Adoptions or Step relationships correctly at this time as there is no easy way to detect them.
  • Fact Calendar V1.0 (9 Mar 2019) By Jane Taubman. Simple Fact Calendar created in HTML which shows for the people selected all Births Baptisms Marriages Deaths Burials As normal with the Record . . . selector you can easily use the Add by Query option to select the people you want to include.
  • Move Local Media to Media Records V1.0 (8 Mar 2019) By Mike Tate. Moves all Local Media Objects (LMO) to Media Records that are much better supported by Family Historian. GEDCOM 5.5 structures are allowed, but NOT . . . GEDCOM 5.5.1. It excludes any LMO that conform to the Sort Date format. It includes LMO in invalid positions registered as UDF, but relocates them to the parent item, e.g. an LMO on an Address will become a Media record linked to the parent Fact. If multiple LMO have identical values, such as the same File path, then only one shared Media record is created. If most other Media files are in the Project Media folder, then each LMO file is copied there too, leaving the original behind. Invalid data will move to Custom Id in the Media record.
  • Rearrange Address and Place Parts V1.5 (7 Mar 2019) By Mike Tate. Allows any Address and Place comma separated column parts to be re-arranged by mapping any source part to any target part. Any Address part that . . . duplicates a Place part may be enclosed in [[privacy]] brackets to hide them in Reports. Otherwise, any Address part that duplicates a Place part, or Place part that duplicates an Address part, may be erased. It also allows the Address or Place fields to be right or left justified. V1.5: Repair the Help and Advice page broken links. Colour Output Column Part when a non-default Input Column Part is chosen. Allow Input Filter list to Sort by Address as well as Sort by Place. V1.4: Allows Input Filter to be preselected from Place records in FH V6. V1.3: Bug fix for deleting blank Place/Address fields. V1.2: Bug fix for Input Filter display problem. V1.1: Allows duplicated parts to be erased, handles complex mappings, and improves user interface. V1.0: Initial published version.
  • Add a General Record Office Source and optionally Event V1.3 (3 Mar 2019) By Jane Taubman. This plugin speeds up the entry of information from the UK Birth Marriage and Death indexes. It assumes you use a single source for all events from . . . the indexes and can then create an event and add a citation to that source. On first run for each Project the GRO Index Source will be prompted for. It then prompts for the GRO reference details and the record to be updated, it will default to the current Individual for Birth and Death, the current Family record for the Marriage. If there is no event it will create one and update the date and place if they are blank. It will then add a source citation for the Event. V1.1 Prevent error when used with standalone gedcom. Settings will not be saved in standalone mode. 1.2 Fixes for V6 1.3 Added support for 3 sources, it now also adds "Registration District" to the Address on created Facts and prompts for the full Placename to use when creating an event.
  • Find Duplicate Facts V1.0 (1 Feb 2019) By Mike Tate. Run this to find consecutive Facts of the same type with the same Date and Place values and optionally with completely identical sub-fields. Use the . . . tick options to select which sub-fields to check. The Remove/Enable Ticks button toggles between minimal and maximum checks. Click the X Close icon to abort the Plugin. The Find Facts button invokes the search and if any duplicates are found then lists them in a Result Set.
  • Check for new Search The Internet settings V1.3 (25 Jan 2019) By Simon Orde.

    Downloads the current "Search The Internet Parameters" from Calico Pie and upgrades if required.

  • Map Life Facts V4.5 (5 Dec 2018) By Mike Tate. A mapping tool to create web pages that use Google Maps or Leaflet Maps to display a map of locations from each person's life Facts. It supports both . . . Place and Address fields. Mapped data may be saved in a Plugin Data file, or as part of your GEDCOM, in Source, Repository or Place records. Maps can be filtered on Living & Private Flags. Generated map files can be integrated with FH generated web pages. V4.5: Fix a problem with Google Maps scripts, and improve initialisation. V4.4: Fix a problem with detecting old format map files. V4.3: The Leaflet Maps mode alternative to Google Maps is supported.Plot Markers can be added & dragged to set Latitude & Longitude values.Place List entries grouped by first alphanumeric character disregarding leading symbols. V4.2: The Google Maps mode supports the API Key needed to unlock its services.Emigration and Immigration facts now fully implement both their Place names.All symbols that might occur in Place or Address fields are now handled correctly.Windows XP and Vista are barred as now incompatible with Google Maps. V4.1: Fix UTF8 accented chars in drop-lists; Fix problem when Plugin Window is minimised and closed. V4.0: Ignores location text enclosed in [[ brackets ]], plus fix for Erase Addr ~ Place Database. V3.9: Improves Geocoder mapping of place names with a hyphen such as Stoke-upon-Trent, ensures use of best stable version of Google Maps API, and fixes some minor bugs. V3.8: Handles new Geocoder response of Unknown Error that indicates a server problem, and enforces Geocoder version 3.18 in support of Windows XP IE v8. V3.7: Cancels workaround for Control Panel custom Decimal symbol as now corrected by FH V6.0.2. CD/Website map page style more closely matches FH CD/Website fhstyle.css and user customisations. CD/Website map page Plots optionally exclude any Facts not listed in FH CD/Website pages. V3.6: Supports Control Panel customisation of Decimal symbol in Lat/Longitude to be dot (.) or comma (,). V3.5: Various database and user interface problems fixed. V3.4: Various Place Records related problems fixed. V3.3: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 Unicode & Place Records, revised GUI library, Emigration/Immigration To/From _PLAC, geocoding preference to Lat/Longitude, and fix IUP Tooltips in XP. V3.2: Revised the Address…Place sub-options to retain all entries, and new Database Management tab Options. V3.1: Speed-up for large numbers of Locations, fixed Delete key bug in Substitute, Latitude & Longitude fields, and four new From Location: Address…Place sub-options. V3.0: Force all dialogue backgrounds to white, and make editing Substitute, Latitude & Longitude more responsive. V2.9: Optionally auto-detects previously edited Manual Locations, also allows Geocode Plot/Map All/Some to escape at Quota Warning message. V2.8: New Manual statistics class of Location, revised Geocode Plot All Locations button, new Geocode Plot Some Locations button, revised Next Plotted / Uplotted, etc buttons, plus other small changes. V2.7: Translates any delimited Country/State/Chapman/County Code into full name before submitting to Geocoder, plus other minor updates. V2.6: Fixes Not enough memory for big _nameindex.html, sets popup quota warning on all Plot/Map buttons, plus other minor updates. V2.5: Corrects missing web page links when no See also section, and adds popup quota warning about exceeding 2,500 plots per 24 hours. V2.4: Checks map file belongs to chosen Individual, adds Region Bias Code option, uses bell blob for newline. V2.3: Improved Maps & GUI, default Zoom only set on Preferences tab, multi-plot maps on Create Maps tab, minor bug fixes. V2.2: Redesigned GUI, colour coded tree lists & statistics, zoom set from Google Map, better map Markers, more bug fixes & code revisions. V2.1: Loads faster, resizeable main GUI, trees replace drop-down lists, better tool-tips, bigger Google Map pane, bug fixes & code revisions. V2.0: New GUI with tabs, progress bars, and embedded HTML Google Map, plus Google Geocoder API, bug fixes & code revisions. V1.1: Improved version with fhSleep(), Interface Font option, and Knowledge Base Help. V1.0: Initial version using HTML Application (HTA) for Google Maps Geocoder Service.
  • All Pool Relatives Except Partner Ancestors V1.0 (4 Dec 2018) By Mike Tate. Family trees may need pruning into parent or other branches. This lets branches be selected and exported as a GEDCOM. Select each Individual whose . . . spouse branch is to be removed. The immediate family of anyone who is retained is also retained. When there are common ancestors there may be a conflict. The portion of such shared ancestors to retain can be chosen. When the Plugin closes it lists all Individual records requested. Use Ctrl+A on keyboard to select entire Result Set then use Query Menu > Add Selected Cell Records to a Named List Export > GEDCOM File and Select from Named Lists tab, pick Named List used above, click >> Add All & finish export.
  • Clean Living Persons V1.6 (19 Nov 2018) By Mike Tate. Privatise the details of Living and Private people. When sharing files on line, it is a good idea to remove any detailed information. This plugin . . . offers several options to reduce the amount of information in a GEDCOM file for living people. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Export GEDCOM File and Split Tree Helper commands, and will prompt for confirmation if you try to use it on a GEDCOM file that is open in Project mode. It will take note of the Living flag on a person, but can be additionally set to assume anyone with an actual or estimated birth date after a selected date (or with no birth date) and also with no death date is still living. See the FHUG Help & Advice and Export to Website Without Sensitive Data advice for an example of use. V1.6: Handles unusual dates such as 3 - 13 Sep 1752 that never existed; caters for unusual names including [unnamed person]; correctly uses same .dat file for all Plugin versions. V1.5: 'Do Not Clean Living Persons' Named List overrides rules; blank Date fields ignored; same .dat file for all Plugin versions. V1.4: Remembers main dialogue position on screen. V1.3: First published superseding Clean Living People plugin.
  • Check for Unlinked Media V1.9 (5 Nov 2018) By Jane Taubman. Checks all the media files in the media folder are linked to media records in the Project and optionally can delete or move unlinked files. Note . . . deleted or moved files can not be recovered using the Undo option in Family Historian as the deletes are done directly on the disk. It is therefore recommended you do a FULL Family Historian Project Backup prior to running. V1.2 Added Move files V1.3 Handles problems where users have the media incorrectly linked to the media folder (e.g using full path names) V1.4 Correct Issue where Project has special characters in the name, V1.5 Check for Locally Linked Files in the media folder. V1.6 Add more robust dirtree function (to handle Mac Directories with invalid windows characters in filenames. V1.7 Use newer dirtree version V1.8 Corrections to Media detection (Thanks Mike Tate) V1.9 Exclude thumbs.db and picassi.ini from list.
  • Clean Unwanted Fields V1.2 (5 Nov 2018) By Mike Tate. Removes fields that typically upset Ancestry, or hold sensitive data, or are chosen by the user. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the . . . Export > GEDCOM File and Split Tree Helper commands, and will prompt for confirmation if you try to use it on a GEDCOM file that is open in Project mode. See the FHUG Export to Website Without Sensitive Data advice for an example of use. V1.2: Caters for data refs with instances such as %INDI.NAME[2]%, adds a Result Set of sample deletions, plus other minor improvements. V1.1: Remembers main dialogue position on screen, handles specific Fact tags, and more rigorous data ref validation check. V1.0: First published.
  • Write Reg IE Shell Version V1.2 (8 Oct 2018) By Mike Tate. This affects the Internet Explorer Version used by Family Historian internal browser windows such as Web Search Windows, Map Windows, and Plugin Help . . . and Advice or Google Map windows. The default IE Shell Version may be 6 or 7 that does not support modern website features, and can be set to IE Version 9 or later. With FH V6 the IE Shell Version is often 11 that can have problems with some website features, and may be set to another IE Version. The Plugin reads and writes the Windows Registry, and for the change to take effect, FH must usually be opened by right-clicking its icon and choosing Run as administrator before running the Plugin, even in an Administrator account.
  • Order Facts by Sort Date V1.1 (4 Sep 2018) By Mike Tate. Sort all Facts according to their Sort Date. Any missing Sort Date may be derived from a GEDCOM _SDATE, Note "Sort Date:", actual Fact Date, synthetic . . . date, etc. Allows Sort Dates to be imported from products such as TMG and exported to products such as GedSite via the Export Gedcom File Plugin. See Order Facts by Sort Date Plugin for further Help and Advice. V1.1: Fix DicGed typo, and update library modules. V1.0: First published version.
  • Add Media URL Shortcut V1.2 (31 Aug 2018) By Mike Tate. Adds web page URL Shortcut to Media tab of chosen record. Enter desired web page URL and Title then click the Link Media URL button. The Plugin . . . then: Adds a Shortcut file to the ....fh_data/Media/URL folder Adds a Media record with Title same as URL and Keyword = 'URL' Adds a link to that Media record in the chosen record Media tab To open Media URL click the triangular Open in Editor/Player button. To undo changes use Edit > Undo Plugin Updates before closing FH, & delete new shortcut files in ....fh_data/Media/URL folder. V1.2: Allow the URL to contain Lua magic pattern %n capture index. V1.1: Allows a Title name for new Media record. V1.0: First published in Plugin Store.
  • UDF List V1.0 (4 Jun 2018) By Simon Orde.

    Produces a Result Set Containing all the Unidentified Data Fields
    in the Gedcom. Along with their data references and the Records containing them.

  • Search and Return Result Set V1.4 (4 Jun 2018) By Simon Orde. Search for a specified word or phrase in all text fields in the current project, with options to narrow the scope of the search. The matching fields . . . are listed in a table in the Query Window result set, with links back to each context of use (double-click on any Item to view it in the Property Box). V1.1 Corrected plugin title and fixed cancel problem. V1.2 Added Case insensitive searching. V1.3 Added Whole Word option and improve the message prompting. V1.4 Use prototype functions and fix issue with Case sensitive searching.
  • Find Date Phrases V1.2 (4 Jun 2018) By Simon Orde. Finds all Date's with Date Phrases and creates a Result window with them all listed.  This would also make a good base to build an automatic . . . correction plugin when importing files from other systems which include non-standard dates.1.2 Added "item" date column to make manual editing easier.
  • Build a Tree from a CSV V1.1 (4 Jun 2018) By Simon Orde. Takes simply formatted CSV file containing relationships and builds a tree.Designed to Work on a Blank File,  but will add records to an existing . . . one. Please review the code and correct to match your exact file.1.1 Code enhancements
  • Fix Date Fields V1.1 (4 Jun 2018) By Mike Tate. List or Mend Date Phrases and unusual Date fields imported from other products. V1.1: Pedigree/Tree Quarter Dates, Double Dates to 1927, valid Dates . . . in Date Phrases. V1.0: First published version fixes FTM, PAF, and other unusual Date formats .
  • Check Installed Plugins Against the Store V2.9 (2 Jun 2018) By Jane Taubman. Checks currently installed plugins against those currently in the store and optionally downloads and installs later versions. If you have many plugins . . . installed it will take a while to run to please allow it some time to complete. V2.0 Added Author Column and updated to show the status of all plugins in the main plug directory. V2.1 Add Superseded support V2.2 Improve version checking where the component numbers are greater than 9 V2.3/2.4 Remove CR from lines V2.5 Pass FH version for level checking V2.6 Change to www from f6 V2.7/8 Improve Error reporting V2.9 Correct issue with 301 error when using https
  • Lookup Missing BMD Records V2.4 (1 Jun 2018) By Mike Tate. Searches selected people for chosen BMD Records and produces a web page to invoke searches of online web sites for any missing records. Estimated . . . dates are used, where none are recorded. Women's married names are used where the event is after the marriage date (or after the birth of the first child). V2.4: Updated library module for EstimatedDeathDates(). V2.3: Adds BMD searches for Isle of Man, Jersey & Guernsey, adds the Redisplay the Last Lookup Page button, and redesigned to cope with large Project databases and rectify performance issues. V2.2: Adds searches for FamilySearch and MyHeritage web sites, splits U.K. searches into England, Scotland and Wales, and other minor improvements. V2.1: Lets people with too few Name parts be skipped, excludes people with Living Flag from Death/Burial lookup, adds useful Result Set columns, plus other minor improvements. V2.0: First public version supporting Ancestry and FindMyPast web sites.
  • Lookup Missing Census Facts V4.4 (1 Jun 2018) By Mike Tate. Offers ways of looking up missing Census Records for UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany & Norway via online web sites. V4.4: Updated . . . library module for EstimatedDeathDates(). V4.3: Adds reviews of Census Records for Germany and Norway but without online searches, improves the check for whether each person was at home or abroad on missing Census dates, caters for polygamous relationships when assigning married surnames & spouses in web site searches, adds the Redisplay the Last Lookup Page button, and redesigned to cope with large Project databases and rectify performance issues. V4.2: Adds searches for FamilySearch and MyHeritage web sites, fixes Ancestry search codes, plus other minor improvements. V4.1: Lets fragmentary Census collections be excluded, lets people with too few Name parts be skipped, adds useful Result Set columns, plus other minor improvements. V4.0: Now also checks the Family facts such as Census (family), internally sorts facts by Date in case they are out-of-sequence after updates, Census Place names matching is case-insensitive and leading & trailing space tolerant, adds the [Record Id] to the Individual in the Lookup Web Page heading, and the sorting of Date columns in the Lookup Web Page that was broken is now mended. V3.9: Adds England & Wales 1939 Register, and fixes minor issues with some Other household members included in Searches. V3.8: Removes "new." from "" web address, reinstates V3.5 updates. V3.7: Fix possible HTML/URL encoding issues. V3.6: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 Unicode characters. V3.5: Minimum Age threshold to exclude children from web search, and a few Census Records added. V3.4: Reinstate women's husband's surnames upset by V3.3. V3.3: Adds Irish Census fragments & better search web page. V3.2: Uses A-Z of Record Sets search mode on FindMyPast websites, and improves search filters on all websites. V3.1: Supports and revised World Search mode. V3.0: Detects people abroad rather than missing for a Census. Copes with countries that held a Census in same year but on different dates. V2.9: Adds Canada 1921 Census, and minor GUI updates. V2.8: Uses original Surname of single parent mothers, and fixes Family Date error. V2.7: Revises FindMyPast online searches, and applies birth dates with offsets in many more cases, using estimated dates where necessary. V2.6: Supports all FindMyPast websites, and manages .css & .js files better. V2.5: First public version.
  • Find Duplicate Individuals V3.7 (11 May 2018) By Mike Tate. Finds potentially duplicated Individual Records by comparing the Names and key Events of selected Individuals and their immediate Relations. V3.7: . . . Fixes issues with duplicate close relatives, missing Update date, and ± character. V3.6: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 with Unicode and new Soundex coding. V3.5: New GUI library and F1 key Help for current tab. V3.4: Omit Non-Duplicates tab allows multiple item selection, plus other user interface updates, and some problem fixes. V3.3: Progress messages if loading large family Relation Pools. V3.2: Considers Cremation events. No longer forces Progress Bar into focus. V3.1: Now assesses ALL instances of immediate Relations and ALL instances of the key Events. V3.0: First published Plugin Store version. V2.x: Omit Non-Duplicates and Set Preferences tabs added. V1.x: Proof of concept, work in progress, version in FHUG only.