Rearrange Address and Place Parts

Allows any Address and Place comma separated column parts to be re-arranged by mapping any source part to any target part. Any Address part that duplicates a Place part may be enclosed in [[privacy]] brackets to hide them in Reports. Otherwise, any Address part that duplicates a Place part, or Place part that duplicates an Address part, may be erased. It also allows the Address or Place fields to be right or left justified.

  • V1.5: Repair the Help and Advice page broken links.
    Colour Output Column Part when a non-default Input Column Part is chosen.
    Allow Input Filter list to Sort by Address as well as Sort by Place.
  • V1.4: Allows Input Filter to be preselected from Place records in FH V6.
  • V1.3: Bug fix for deleting blank Place/Address fields.
  • V1.2: Bug fix for Input Filter display problem.
  • V1.1: Allows duplicated parts to be erased, handles complex mappings, and improves user interface.
  • V1.0: Initial published version.

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Could not start the plugin.

Error: [string "C:\ProgramData\Calico Pie\Family Historian\..."]:3567: invalid format (Width or precision too long). No changes have been made ...

Windows 8.1 Danish.

FH ver 6.0.4


Jens Erik Graversgaard

Jens Erik Graversgaard, March 26, 2015 at 12:16 am

Mike has postet me a fix for the startup problem - and it Works. Thanks.

It's a great app !!

A Little wish: Could it be possible to make the prefixes and suffixes optional (checkmark). Maybe a checkmark for each of the result set and the 'real' rearranging. The changes could then be made with prefixes/suffixes on a copy, verifyed and then repeated on the original without prefixes/suffixes.

This would raise my rating from 5 to 6  (-;

Best regards

Jens Erik Graversgaard

Jens Erik Graversgaard, March 27, 2015 at 9:03 am

In general it is not possible to avoid the prefixes and suffixes, due to the rules for naming Place records.

Mike Tate, November 3, 2016 at 3:44 pm