Export Gedcom File

Exports GEDCOM and Media files in GEDCOM 5.5/Draft 5.5.1 format without FH custom tags, but with options for many genealogy product dialects.

  • V3.9: Fix generic problem introduced with V3.8
    (RFT) RootsFinder Family Tree export mode updated
  • V3.8: Library modules updated to latest version for safer IUP GUI.
    (FTA) Family Tree Analyzer export mode now retains Place records.
    (HER) Heredis by BSD Concept export mode now supports version 2019.
    (AQP) Ancestral Quest Program export mode is now supported.
    (AGS) Ancestris Genealogy Software export mode is now supported.
    (RFT) RootsFinder Family Tree export mode is now supported.
    (CEB) Custom Export Beta mode defaults to (Sdr) Standard Gedcom Draft 5.5.1 mode.
    (Sdr) Standard GEDCOM Draft 5.5.1 mode has Place Record option to move MAP/LATI/LONG structure to Place fields.
  • V3.7: Shared Settings for Max height, Max width & Use JPEG file format apply to all exported image files.
    Restore Defaults has a warning prompt with a Cancel the Reset option.
    [unnamed person] given surname ? as some products do not support a blank name.
    Fix a problem with moving File Root Individual record to follow the Header record.
  • V3.6: The Export Fact Definitions option now handles all Unicode characters.
    Companion Used rule for 1 _USED is fixed for TNG promoted Given Name Used.
    Library modules updated to fix Day Number issues with the Sort Date feature.
  • V3.5: Handles LMO Sort Dates from Order Facts by Sort Date Plugin, and improves any Sort Date derived from a Before Date or After Date.
  • V3.4: Updates issues with the Sort Date feature added in V3.3, and for export to Ancestry converts Census to Residence to improve hints, plus other minor fixes.
  • V3.3: Basic Options tab has new (+) Full Data v (-) Brief Data option.
    Extra Options tab has new options and a Label Options tab has been added.
    Adds new (GWC) GEDmill Website Creator and (FTD) Family Tree DNA export modes.
    Updates many other export modes with new features as explained in the Help & Advice pages.
  • V3.2: Adds [[private]] text option per mode, and export modes for (MYH) MyHeritage Family Tree and (TPT) TribalPages Tree, plus minor updates.
  • V3.1: Adds export mode for (GST) GedSite, adds Multimedia conversion for Absolute Link Records, plus updates for (GRT) Genes Reunited and (TNG) The Next Generation.
  • V3.0: Fixes standalone Gedcom Cannot Make Folder problem.
  • V2.9: Improves syncing across PC, new Keep Media folders option, Exclude from Diagrams inhibits FTM and TNG primary photo tags, and minor update for (LFT) Legacy Family Tree.
  • V2.8: Adds export modes for GEDCOM Draft 5.5.1, and fixes some problems with analysing record names, and synchronising settings across PC.
  • V2.7: Export to (FMP) FindMyPast Family Tree and (HER) Heredis by BSD Concept add CONC tag to NOTE records to prevent exclusion.
  • V2.6: Export to (LFT) Legacy Family Tree supports Note record Research & Medical tabs, improves Note record format, and excludes Updated CHANge date-time-stamps.
    Extra Options offer GEDCOM Draft 5.5.1 FORMat tag subsidiary to FILE tag.
    Other Options offer same sex HUSB/WIFE relationship in asymmetric format.
    Supports UNICODE UTF-16 characters U+10000 to U+10FFFF in Supplementary Planes.
    Fixes Caption Note problem for FILE~REL mode Output Media Style.
  • V2.5: (ANC) Ancestry Family Tree and (LFT) Legacy Family Tree and (RWW) RootsWeb WorldConnect now export the Associated Person (ASSO) tag as a custom Event. The output Media format now provides better control of Note contents.
  • V2.4: Improved export for (RMT) RootsMagic plus other minor enhancements.
  • V2.3: New Exclude [[private]] Notes setting, more tolerant of UDF tags, TNG does not tidy Place and Address fields, and NOTE/CONC/CONT tags handled better.
  • V2.2: Adds (ANC) Ancestry Family Tree and (FMP) FindMyPast Family Tree options, moves default Export folder to Project Public folder, plus minor bug fixes.
  • V2.1: Updates for (GSP) GedStar Pro, (TNG) The Next Generation, and (ZPG) ZoomPast options, plus minor bug fixes.
  • V2.0: Adds (GSP) GedStar Pro, (LFT) Legacy, (RMT) RootsMagic, and (ZPG) ZoomPast options, new Other Options tab, synthetic Facts for Witnessed/Shared Events, and other minor updates.
  • V1.9: Adds (HER) Heredis by BSD Concept and (GSP) GedStar Pro for Android options, plus more improvements and bug fixes.
  • V1.8: Major update of Gedcom export mode for the (FTM) Family Tree Maker 2014 product and of Multimedia conversion options for Part/Full Frames, plus other improvements and bug fixes.
  • V1.7: FH V6 update for TNG to retain Place Records.
  • V1.6: Handles Media Link/Note inconsistencies, supports FH V6 Place Records & Witness Roles, adds Family Historian 5 export mode and Multimedia Records with Absolute or Relative file links .
  • V1.5: FH V5 and FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 UTF-16 Gedcom support.
  • V1.4: Copes if no File Root, offers JPEG for all Media Frames & closing option to view Gedcom in FH, Notepad, or Explorer.
  • V1.3: Converts Media files similar to the Convert File Links Plugin and adds a few other options.
  • V1.2: Initial Plugin Store version.
  • V1.0 & V1.1 FHUG trial versions.

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This really is a great and useful plugin. I export FH gedcoms to TNG and this, for me, does everything required, perfectly and cleanly. Huge thanks are due to Mike for this and for all the work you and Jane do for the group!

Roger Mitchell, December 11, 2014 at 1:07 pm

I installed this plugin because I understood that it would correct an error which arises when I try to export a GEDCOM file to my Ipad via GedView. The message I get (& continue to get after installing the plugin) is:

Import Failed  Level expected but not found at line 1

I'd be grateful for advice on how to overcome this problem.  Thankyou.

Steven Burkeman, January 1, 2015 at 1:36 pm

Please ensure you are importing the file created by the export program.

Jane, January 4, 2015 at 11:29 am

Thanks, Jane. I am emailing the gedcom file as an attachment, to myself. I then open the email on my ipad and am offered the option of opening the attachment in GedView.  GedView then tries to open the attachment and generates the error message quoted in my previous email.

Steven Burkeman, January 4, 2015 at 5:23 pm

Long time FTM user now trying out FH.  This plugin is a godsend has solved so many interoperability problems. Silly thing is I don't see why Calico Pie can't do this directly as other companies such as regularly make sense of FTM's db encription. See Charting Companion version history

ian, June 15, 2015 at 11:41 am

Like Ian I am a long time FTM user and have just discovered the power of FH v6 - I am going to need to go back and forth until I am sure which way to jump. Will rate plugin after I have used it a few times

PJWGENESNA, September 3, 2015 at 5:09 pm

I tried both the standard and Heredis routines yesterday for a GEDCOM export. All (data and media) worked fine - except for same gender relationships and families. Since the exported GEDCOM did not include same gender relationship, part of the information I was transferring was missing. Afraid the resulting GEDCOM files were not usable because of that missing data.

Denise Moss-Fritch, January 31, 2016 at 6:53 pm

Sorry about that Denise, but there are different ways of representing same sex partnerships in GEDCOM. FH prefers to use two HUSB or two WIFE links, but Heredis uses one HUSB & one WIFE regardless of gender. So hopefully that can be fixed in the Plugin in due course.

Mike Tate, February 25, 2016 at 2:20 pm

The Export Gedcom  has been invaluable to permit conversion from Legacy Family Tree to Family Historian, and yet continue to export to TNG successfully.  In addition, able, with the same plugin, back feed through export to Legacy Family Tree to use that application as well.  My hat is off to Mike Tate working through issues  so LFT and TNG present the FH data almost identically to the way it was before.

Ron Krzmarzick, March 1, 2016 at 11:18 pm

I'm not sure I understand what this plug-in would do beyond the built-in export GEDCOM feature.  I am running FH v6.2, and am very new to FH, so maybe its just my ignorance.

Becca, January 13, 2018 at 7:19 am