Find Duplicate Custom ID's

Simple plugin which searches all record types, for duplicate custom Ids, this can be of use when renumbering your records, using the Work With Record Identifier tool, or after merging additional data.

V1.2 Add column for Custom ID value.
N.B It ignores records without custom IDs

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Hi Jane

You must be a mind reader  - I was just sitting down to find a duplicate finder for Custom ID and found you’d just done it.

May I suggest a minor refinement?

I find it useful to know what the actual duplicate REFN is.

(Simply because some of my entries have a duplicate generic family identifier until I get chance to fill them in properly)

I added 3 lines:

local tblDup3 = {}              -- Table to store the custom ID

table.insert(tblDup3,strId)  -- Store the custom ID

fhOutputResultSetColumn('Refn', 'text', tblDup3, #tblDup1)  --Display the custom ID


Many thanks for an excellent plugin


Dave Simpson, April 7, 2013 at 2:31 pm