Lookup Missing Census Facts

Offers ways of looking up missing Census Records for UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany & Norway via online web sites.

  • V4.4: Updated library module for EstimatedDeathDates().
  • V4.3: Adds reviews of Census Records for Germany and Norway but without online searches, improves the check for whether each person was at home or abroad on missing Census dates, caters for polygamous relationships when assigning married surnames & spouses in web site searches, adds the Redisplay the Last Lookup Page button, and redesigned to cope with large Project databases and rectify performance issues.
  • V4.2: Adds searches for FamilySearch and MyHeritage web sites, fixes Ancestry search codes, plus other minor improvements.
  • V4.1: Lets fragmentary Census collections be excluded, lets people with too few Name parts be skipped, adds useful Result Set columns, plus other minor improvements.
  • V4.0: Now also checks the Family facts such as Census (family), internally sorts facts by Date in case they are out-of-sequence after updates, Census Place names matching is case-insensitive and leading & trailing space tolerant, adds the [Record Id] to the Individual in the Lookup Web Page heading, and the sorting of Date columns in the Lookup Web Page that was broken is now mended.
  • V3.9: Adds England & Wales 1939 Register, and fixes minor issues with some Other household members included in Searches.
  • V3.8: Removes "new." from "" web address, reinstates V3.5 updates.
  • V3.7: Fix possible HTML/URL encoding issues.
  • V3.6: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 Unicode characters.
  • V3.5: Minimum Age threshold to exclude children from web search, and a few Census Records added.
  • V3.4: Reinstate women's husband's surnames upset by V3.3.
  • V3.3: Adds Irish Census fragments & better search web page.
  • V3.2: Uses A-Z of Record Sets search mode on FindMyPast websites, and improves search filters on all websites.
  • V3.1: Supports and revised World Search mode.
  • V3.0: Detects people abroad rather than missing for a Census. Copes with countries that held a Census in same year but on different dates.
  • V2.9: Adds Canada 1921 Census, and minor GUI updates.
  • V2.8: Uses original Surname of single parent mothers, and fixes Family Date error.
  • V2.7: Revises FindMyPast online searches, and applies birth dates with offsets in many more cases, using estimated dates where necessary.
  • V2.6: Supports all FindMyPast websites, and manages .css & .js files better.
  • V2.5: First public version.

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Hi Pentris, you could sort the web page into date order by clicking on the ancestry or findmypast column headings, and scroll down to the year of interest.

Mike Tate, February 29, 2016 at 5:26 pm