Clone Any Record

Creates a clone of a selected record.
Useful for creating new records (e.g. sources) based on a template.
It is best to add this plugin to the Tools menu and run it from there after selecting the required "Template" record in the Records Window.
A message confirms what new record has been created and full details are shown as a result set.
You then need to change the name/title of the new record and complete any required non-template fields.
The template record can contain blank fields if wanted, and links to other records.
User is prompted to confirm that an Individual or Family record should be cloned.
Note that if an Individual record is cloned the new record will contain an empty Family-as-Spouse link which can be either appropriately completed or deleted.

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Absolutely invaluable when moving to method 1 sources

David Newton, April 14, 2014 at 5:30 pm