Adjust AKA Names for Reports

Temporarily adds Also Known As (AKA) Alternate Names, Nicknames, Given Names, Surname Prefixes, etc, to the Primary Name for inclusion in Reports that do not support such names.
The (aka: Names List) can be added before or after the Primary Surname and later automatically removed.
Optionally, the fully adorned Primary Name and/or any social Title Attribute may be included.

Alternatively, an Also Known As Custom Attribute can hold the Names List for inclusion in Reports.

NOTE: Running this Plugin will alter the Updated Dates for all modified Individual Records that have any AKA Names. To avoid this, either use Edit > Undo Plugin Updates after creating Reports, or disable Autosave and do NOT Save the file. Using the Plugin option to remove the AKA Names will NOT reset the Updated Dates.

  • V1.3: Adds Given Name(GIVN), Surname Prefix(SPFX) & Surname(SURN), allows any Names to have embedded (parentheses), adds a Result Set, supports FH V6 Unicode, uses latest library modules, plus other minor adjustments.
  • V1.2: Option to include social Title Attribute, option to include adorned Primary Name, exclude any duplicated Name, insert 'and' before last AKA Name, improve handling of Alternate Names, and add Version in Store check.
  • V1.1: Unconditionally removes old AKA Names before adding new AKA Names, uses fully Adorned Alternate Names, and offers the Custom Attribute option.

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Really helps when searching for records and the old cells have trouble remembering alternatives.

UKkris, September 19, 2013 at 2:24 am