Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings

Backup and Restore the Family Historian Custom & Preference Settings using any folder. Includes all Standard & Custom Program Data files and all relevant Windows Registry based Settings.
See the Help and Advice pages for full details.

  • V2.9: Better management of the Backup folder and other minor updates.
  • V2.8: Better support for Crossover and Wine. Fix issue in standalone Gedcom mode.
  • V2.7: Further improves syncing Plugin Data settings across PC.
  • V2.6: More options for FH Program Version later than Backup Data Version.
    Fixes problems with syncing some Plugin Data settings across PC.
  • V2.5: Further minor updates for FH V6 and later, that have no Tutorial files.
    Full support for Crossover and Wine running on Apple Mac or Linux.
    Option to allow FH Program Version to be later than Backup Data Version.
    Diagnostic Mode retains temp files and Restore Defaults checks Crossover Registry Keys.
  • V2.4: FH V6.1 update for new preference settings, etc.
  • V2.3: FH V6.0 update to ignore very large Map Cache.
  • V2.2: FH V5 and FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 update, and fix IUP Tooltips in XP.
  • V2.1: Supports Apple Mac with Crossover or Wine, and allows FH sub-versions > 9.
  • V2.0: Includes Tutorial Files & User Plugin Data, and improves support for networked drives.
  • V1.8: Option to Use Dated Sub-folders to allow multiple backups.
    Option to Enable Diagnostic Mode to debug Command Prompt popups.
    Support for networked drive names such as NAME in place of C:.
  • V1.7: Accommodates the file modification date-time 1-hour offset sometimes caused by adjustments to Daylight Saving Time (DST/GMT/BST).
  • V1.6: First public version.

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