Address Reformatting

Reformats all Addresses to be either multi-line, or single-line with parts separated by a comma and a single space. Only the GEDCOM tag ADDR is involved, and only records that need reformatting will be updated. A Result Set is generated showing the old and new Addresses.
V1.3 (Thanks to Mike Tate) Unicode characters outside the ANSI/CP1252 set now preserved.
V1.2 (Thanks to Mike Tate) All Addresses converted to one of three possible formats with parts separated by: (a) a comma and a space (Single-Line); (b) just a newline (Multi-Line); (c) a comma and a newline.
V1.1 Caters for an optional comma and whitespace before the newline when going to the single-line format, and provides a new option for a comma preceding each newline when going to the multi-line format (i.e. a comma at the end of every line except the last).

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