There are some occasions on which it would be useful to be able to create one or more facts for a one or more individuals using the same source and some shared data in a single operation. Ancestral Sources does this for the most common source types, but there are sources it doesn't handle.

For example:

- You have a passenger list and want to create an Emigration fact for all the members of a family, with the same source citation details, and some common fact details (e.g.departure and arrival places, date, a note about the ship they travelled on...)
- You have an electoral roll and want to create a Residence fact for all those living at the same address, again with the same source citation details and with a common date, place and address.
- You have a military service record and want to create a number of facts for the same individual (service number, enlistment, ....). In this case the source citation details may not all be the same (e.g. where in source will vary) and the fact details will all be different, but it might still be convenient to create all the facts at once before going in to edit the specific details for each one.

Yes, it's possible to achieve the same thing using Autosource citation, and copying and pasting facts, but sometimes that's a lot of work and prone to missing something/somebody.

The Multifact plugin allows you to choose a single (existing) Source and optionally fill in some or all citation details for it; one or more Individuals; and one or more Fact types. You can then specify some all or no common fact details (date, age, place, etc.) and create a set of identical facts for all the individuals selected. The plugin keeps an on-screen log of all the facts you've created, so you can make several batches without exiting the plugin but keep track of what you have and haven't done. And when you do exit the plugin, the facts created are presented in FH ready for further editing (not everyone will have the same age at emigration, for example, so you will need to add age to each individual emigration fact.)

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