Let Standalone Gedcom Use Project Commands

This plugin is intended for EXPERTS who wish NOT to use the PROJECT structure. It creates files related to a standalone .ged file to enable Project features such as:
Charts, Books, Make Family Tree CD/DVD, Create Website, and Medium/Full Backups.
First it creates an .fh_data folder and moves the .ged file down into this folder. It also creates an .fh_proj project file.
The existing Multimedia files are unaffected.
However, FH will offer to 'Copy Media Files' to the Project 'Media' folder, and the 'Don't Copy' option must be chosen to retain the original file structure.

  • V1.3: Check version in store, fix Version in Header, fix warning message for XP.
  • V1.2: Add fhInitialise(5,0,0,"save_required").
  • V1.1: Improve the preliminary warning messages.
  • V1.0: Initial release.

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Personally I would use a proper project folder. This is designed only for people who "won't" use the project structure, it is unlikely provide a future proof method as unlike a full project folder other key elements may be missing. 

jane, October 1, 2011 at 10:12 am