Change Any Fact Tag

Lets any Individual Fact or Family Fact, or Level 1 Tag, be deleted or changed.
Supports all Standard Facts, Custom Facts, Gedcom Tags and UDF Tags.
Source data can be selected by Value, Date, Place or Records via Filters.
When an Attribute is changed to an Event its Value is saved in a SOURce Note.
Corrects abnormal UDF Tag values, such as @@S99@@ record links.
Allows confirmation of changes, keeps Log Files, creates Result Set of changes, and retains settings across PC.
See the built in Help and Advice for more details.

  • V3.0: Fixes bug that omitted any long Fact Name/Label that had no Abbreviation.
  • V2.9: Can now select Records via the Filter.
  • V2.8: Fixes problem with Fact Set files for Facts with no Hidden status.
  • V2.7: Fixes problems handling Witness ROLE Fact definitions and Events Baptism, Christening, Annulment, or Divorce.
  • V2.6: Copes with Fact Names that are or due to Fact Types settings, and Place filters now also match EMIG/IMMIgration Event To/From _PLAC values.
  • V2.5: Copes with Custom Fact names same as Standard/Gedcom Tag names, and Date filters match both LONG and COMPACT formats.
  • V2.4: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 with Unicode characters and Place Records.
  • V2.3: Offers user dialogue improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • V2.2: Adds Interface Font option, Result Set of changes, Knowledge Base Help, and GUI & code revisions.
  • V2.1: Added the View & Delete Log Files button to user interface.
  • V2.0: Tested with many UDF Facts & Tags, and new user interface with Filter option.
  • V1.1: Copes with most UDF Fact anomalies and adds many user interface features.
    Any unconvertible data and error reports are logged and saved in SOURce Notes.
    Reveals a problem with fhSetValue... API for multi-line ADDR fields with CONT.
  • V1.0 Beta: Initial release.

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As a new user, I have found this very helpful as I adjust my data and the tags I use to work better with Family Historian.

Shelley, April 28, 2012 at 5:39 am

Wanted to change over 100 baptisms to christenings, this did this in a blink of the eye.

Alan, May 17, 2016 at 3:22 pm