Clean Living People

This plugin is used to privatise living people and remove private ones.

When sharing files on line, it's a good idea to remove any detailed information. This plugin offers several options to reduce the amount of information in a gedcom file for living people. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Split Tree Helper or standard Export option and will prompt for confirmation if you try to use it on a gedcom which is open in Project mode. It will take note of the Living Flag on a person, but can be additionally set to assume anyone with an estimated birth date after a selected date and with no death date could be living.

Options for living people include:

1. Changing Names to either just initials or initials and Surname, or change the name to Living.
2. Removing All Facts for Living People
3. Removing Sources and Dates from Facts
4. Removing Media
5. Cleaning "orphaned" media, sources and notes from the file.

Version Notes
1.1 Fixed Problem where Notes were removed when media was removed.
1.2.1 Add a check to use the Spouses birth date for people whose estimated birth could not be computed
Add option to select living for people whose birth date can not be computed
1.2.2 Add selection of estimated date function option i.e EARLIEST,MID or LATEST, default is MID
1.2.3 Add correction to problem with Facts clean up introduced in 1.2.2

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