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When displaying timeline information, events and attributes are described from the point-of-view of the person that is being reported on.  For example, a given marriage may be described as a sister's marriage or a daughter's marriage, or a father's marriage.  It's the same marriage but the description depends on how the person we're reporting on is related to the people getting married.  This function takes a reference to an Individual and to a fact, and describes the latter from the perspective of the former.  However, it will return an empty string if the fact is not one that is deemed to be a timeline fact for the given Individual.  Which facts count as timeline facts is something that can be configured in Preferences (General tab).
Minimum FH Version:
No. of Parameters:
Return Type:
Parameter 1:
A data reference to a fact (event or attribute).
Parameter 2:
A data reference to an Individual.

=TimelineFactText(%FACT%, ["Individual"])