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Function Name:
Provides information about how person B is related to person A. For example, if B is the uncle of A, you could use this function to return the text 'Uncle'. However, the function can also a coded description of the same relationship - see below for more on this.

Individuals can be related in more than one way. You can use this function to return a description of the closest relationship binding two people, or the 2nd, 3rd, 4th (etc.) closest relationship. If the 2 people are not related (or you have asked for the nth closest relationship, and they are related less often than that), no data will be returned.

Minimum FH Version:
No. of Parameters:
Return Type:
Parameter 1:
A reference to an Individual.
Parameter 2:
A reference to an Individual.
Parameter 3:

Description type required. Options are:

An ordinary language description of the relationship. e.g. "uncle".
A coded description which gives more detail about how the two people are related. This description will have a format, something like the following: "Gens. Up=2, Gens. Down=1, Half=0, Spouse Start=0, Spouse End=0". These are the same values that can be returned individually, by using the 'RelationCode' function. See that function for more detail about the meaning of these numbers.
Parameter 4:
A number indicating whether you want information about the closest relationship binding the 2 people, the 2nd closest relationship, the 3rd closest relationship, or whichever.

Use a value of 1, here, to represent the closest relationship, 2 to represent the 2nd closest, and so on.