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Function Name:

Behaves exactly like the GetFact function, except that instead of returning the fact, this function returns the person's role with respect to the fact if they are listed as a witness for the fact in question, with a defined role.

Minimum FH Version:
No. of Parameters:
Return Type:
A reference to a data item (or NULL if none is found).
Parameter 1:
A reference to an Individual record
Parameter 2:
A text expression that contains the tag name of the type in question - such as "BIRT" (for birth) or "CENS" (for census).  Optionally, the tag name can also be qualifed by either the required instance, or the required year, in square brackets following the tag name.  For example, if you want to specify the second Birth fact for a person, you could use "BIRT[2]".  If you wanted to specify a 1881 Census event, you could use "CENS[year=1881]".

=GetRole(%INDI%, "CENS[1881]")