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The function retrieves a section of text from a specified long text field (e.g. a note or address field). The required portion of text is identified by a short text label that is passed as a parameter to the function.The function will search for a paragraph that begins with the specified label.  For example, if you called the function using the label "Confirmed:", the function would search the specified long text field for a paragraph beginning with this label. If found, it would return the text that came immediately after that label (up to the end of the paragraph).

Note: paragraphs within tables (in rich text notes) are not searched or matched by this function.

Minimum FH Version:
No. of Parameters:
Return Type:
Parameter 1:
A reference to a long text field (e.g. a note or address field). A long text field is one that is displayed, or can be displayed, on more than one line.
Parameter 2:
The label to search for.


This example will return all text following the label 'Confirmed:' in a paragraph beginning with that label in the specified long text field.