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Returns a narrative sentence for the given fact (event or attribute).  For example, the sentence might be "John Smith was baptised on 29 May 1825 in Liverpool".  The sentence can be either a principal sentence or a witness sentence.

Minimum FH Version:
5.0 (use of parameter 3 requires 7.0)
No. of Parameters:
Return Type:
Parameter 1:
A data reference to a fact (event or attribute)
Parameter 2:
Optional.  A data reference to an Individual record.  If the 3rd parameter is WITNESS, the function will return a witness sentence for this person's first role as a witness for this fact (if any).  If the 3rd parameter is PRINCIPAL, the 2nd parameter Is always ignored for Individual facts. For Family facts (e.g. marriage or divorce), if the second parameter is supplied, and if the Individual is one of the two spouses in the Family record in question, the function will render the FactSentence from the point of view of the Individual in question (unless the sentence template for the fact, doesn't present the fact in that way).  For example, depending on the value for the 2nd parameter, the same fact might be rendered either as "John Smith married Mary Jones on 14 July 1852" or as "May Jones married John Smith on 14 July 1852".
Parameter 3:

Optional.  This parameter can be used to modify the behaviour of the function.

The default.  The function returns a principal sentence.
The function returns a witness sentence.