What’s New in 4.0.2

This page lists the new and improved features in version 4.0.2. See What’s New (All Versions) for details of features added in other versions.

This upgrade fixes some bugs and addresses a few minor issues that have arisen since the release of version 4.0.0. These include:

  • The number of listed most-recently-viewed GEDCOM files or projects (accessible by the GEDCOM tasks menu, on the File menu or on the Project Window) has been increased from 4 to 9.
  • There is now an option to switch off Note information in ‘Parent Boxes’ in the Focus Window for those who don’t want it (see the Focus Window tab in Preferences).
  • The facility to make diagram boxes “avoid page boundaries” did not work correctly for all diagrams orientations in the Diagram Window – now fixed.
  • The problem of upside-down text in the Property Box, that affected a small number of users, has been fixed
  • The Source Pane no longer overlays the Property Box toolbar if positioned on the right side and docked.
  • The problem with HTML code appearing in headings for children in websites has been fixed.
  • HTML links in websites were not always being identified correctly – now fixed.
  • Indentation in website pages was not always correct – now fixed.
  • Various errors in the Help file have been corrected.
  • Adding ‘Marriage’ as an item to a text scheme could cause the application to hang – now fixed.
  • In specific circumstances, displaying the Multimedia Report could cause the application to hang – now fixed.
  • Page sizing, when saving a diagram to a single page PDF file, has been made more accurate.
  • The Sentence field now shows generated sentences for Family records (previously it only showed them for Individual records) in the Facts tab of the Property Box.
  • If a GEDCOM file that was being imported into a new project contained serious errors, this could cause problems. Family Historian now handles these errors much more gracefully and without problems. All detected errors, and corrections, are stored in log files which the user can view using a new “Log Files” menu command on the Window menu.
  • Recording each partner’s age at the time of family events, did not work correctly for same sex relationships – now fixed.
  • The Move Up and Move Down arrow buttons in the Linked Records list, in the Multimedia Window (middle panel of the pane on the left) now work correctly.
  • The ‘ItemIf’ function was not being recognised – now fixed.
  • Pictures did not display correctly in tutorial files – now fixed.
  • In the past there was no way to prevent Family Historian automatically loading thumbnail images in the background when you open a new project or GEDCOM file. It is now possible to prevent it doing this so that it only loads thumbnail images when needed, by unticking a new option on the ‘Advanced’ dialog in the General tab of Preferences.