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26-data-matchingIn Family Historian 6, have you seen little white and green circles with numbers in them on the Focus Window (the main workspace window)? ?These are called ‘hints’. ?It means that a match has been found for that person on a MyHeritage database. If you haven’t seen any hints yet, try looking at more relatives in the Focus Window.

When you click on any of these hints, MyHeritage will show a summary page, showing a list of historical records (‘Record Matches’) or Family Tree profiles (‘Smart Matches’) where MyHeritage believes it has found a record for the person in question. ?Within this summary page, you can click on each listed item to see the full details. ? What happens next depends on whether you already have a data subscription with MyHeritage or not, and whether the record is held in ?a free database or not. ?If you already have a data subscription, or if the record is held in a free database, you will be shown the full record details. ?But if the record is not in a free database, and you don’t already have a data subscription, MyHeritage will display a ‘pay wall’, requiring you (if you want to proceed any further) to take out a data subscription. ?There will be a ‘Buy Now’ button on this pay wall.
My Heritage knows that you are a Family Historian user, having arrived at this web-page by clicking on a hint within Family Historian; so the price you will be quoted will already include the ‘Family Historian’ discount which will be mentioned on the screen (you will be shown a crossed-out price, which is what the price would have been without the discount). ?So to get the discount, you just have to click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and follow the instructions.?