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New Web Search Window

  • The new web search window is a complete web-browser in a window and allows easy browsing of the Internet and is one of the components of the new Web Clipping Capability (see below).
  • The new window integrates with the ?Search the Internet Search? which can now maintain Web Search Window bookmarks
  • Although there are several big advantages to using the Web Search window (e.g. support for drag-and-drop), you can always use an external browser if you prefer, either for Internet searches or for Internet Data Matching

A design goal for version 6 was to make it as easy possible to extract text and images from any website that a user may visit, while also making it as easy as possible to provide appropriate source citations.? There should be no need to have to re-type any text.? We considered creating a special tool to support web clipping, but concluded that we could do a much better job by creating or enhancing a number of different components that can be used for web clipping, but not just for web clipping.? The components and enhancements are:

  • The New Web Search window
  • The New Automatic Source Citation Pane
  • Easier, Faster Data Entry and an Enhanced Property Box
  • Drag-and-Drop Everywhere (and Copy-and-Paste Images)
  • More ?Modeless? Windows