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Support for Witnesses on all Facts

?Witness? here means anyone who has a role in an event, without being the principal or one of the principals.? For example, the couple getting married are the principals in a Marriage event; but the bridesmaids, best man, ushers, minister and other participants, are all ?witnesses?.

  • The witnesses for any event (or attribute) can now all be viewed, added, edited or deleted, in a new floating (and ?modeless? ? see below) Witnesses window, accessible from the Facts tab of the Property Box.
  • You can add any recorded Individual as a witness to any fact, and also ?name-only? witnesses.
  • The events that an Individual is a witness to, are listed with other facts about that person, in the Facts tab of the Property Box.
  • Each witness has a specified role in the event or attribute, as well as optionally a note and source citations. A number of roles are pre-defined for existing fact types, but you can add as many new roles as you wish, for any event or attribute.
  • Sentences about events that a person has witnessed are included in narrative reports for that person. Any sentence (or sentences) describing an event ? from the point-of-view of either the principals or witnesses ? may include information about the witnesses (or other witnesses) who participated in it, and their roles.