Discount Price for Family Historian 5

Discount Price for Family Historian 5

MyHistory2MyHistory are selling off remaining boxed copies of Family Historian 5 at a special discount price.  Version 5 doesn’t have all the features of the latest version (version 6), but while stocks last, you can pick up a copy for just £19.95 here: My History: Family Historian V5 Full Version.

See What’s New in Version 5 for a reminder of all the great features that were added in that version.  Makes a great Christmas present…


2 thoughts on “Discount Price for Family Historian 5

  1. simon Post author

    Version 6 is already here, and yes it runs fine under Windows 10. The point of this post was just to let people know that it’s still possible to buy copies of version 5 (at a lower price) while stocks last. Version 6 does not run under Windows XP, but version 5 does.