Version 5 is due to be released in March 2012. While stocks of version 4 last, anyone who buys a copy of the full version of Family Historian 4 on or after November 10th, 2011, from one of the stockists listed below (and only if you buy from these stockists), will get a free CD upgrade to version 5 when it is released. The participating stockists are:

The offer applies to new purchases of the full version of version 4 only – and only if bought from the listed stockists. It does not apply to purchases of upgrades to version 4.

Free Upgrade for Download Purchases Too

Anyone who buys the download version of Family Historian 4 on or after November 10th, 2011, (full version) will get a free downloadable upgrade to version 5 when released. Again, this offer does not apply to purchasers of upgrades to version 4.

What Do You Have to Do to Take Advantage of this Offer?

There’s nothing special to do. If you want the download version, just buy it from our Store – it’s the first product listed. We will keep your name and email details, and we will contact you when version 5 is released and arrange for you to be able to download the upgrade to 5.

If you want to buy a boxed copy from one of the participating stockists – again, there’s nothing special to do. The stockist will keep a record of your name and address and will send you the free CD upgrade when version 5 is release. More details of the participating resellers are available on this resellers page.

What’s Coming Up in Version 5?

Version 5 is a major upgrade. To learn more about all the new features and improvements, see What’s New in Version 5?

There will be a reduced cost upgrade to version 5 for owners of version 4, available on CD and as a download (not applicable to trial, demo, ‘LE’ or starter editions).

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