Video Tutorials

These video tutorials cover a number of specific topics that for one reason or another merit their own video. They are not intended for use as a general introduction to the program. To view a video introduction to Family Historian, see A Quick Tour of Family Historian

All the videos on this page are designed to be viewed full-screen. To view a video full-screen, click on the video and then click on the button in the bottom-right corner of the frame. Press Esc, or click on the same button again, to exit full-screen mode.


Family Historian Diagrams

Making Branches Stand Out

Applicable to versions 5 & 6.
Learn how to improve the look of Family Historian diagrams by colouring tree branches distinctively to make them stand out. The video also demonstrates how to use the Family Connection Mapper tool (new in version 5) to colour lines connecting individual boxes and/or entire branch lines.


Moving Boxes and Branches

Applicable to versions 5 & 6.
Within Family Historian diagrams, learn how to move boxes and branches, and even how to pull tree branches apart, to make them stand out from one another.


Resizing a Diagram to Fit Your Paper

Applicable to versions 5 & 6.
Learn how to resize a Family Historian diagram to fit exactly within one sheet of paper when you print it, or if you prefer, to fit nicely over two or more sheets of paper.


Pictures and Multimedia

Adding Pictures and Linking Faces

Applicable mainly to version 5 & earlier (linking is easier in version 6).
Learn how to add pictures to a Family Historian project, and link each person directly to their face. Find out why it’s a good idea to link family pictures to family records.

Many more Family Historian video tutorials can be found on the Family Historian User Group website, as well as discussion forums (learn about the Family Historian User Group).

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