Can't Find the Registration Key?

If you bought a boxed copy of Family Historian, the installation program may tell you to look for the registration key on a leaflet inside the box, or on a piece of paper inside the CD envelope. However, in some cases the registration key may be printed in a third location – on the front cover of the accompanying Quick Start booklet at the top.

Family Historian comes with very comprehensive documentation. If you buy a boxed version, it comes with a Quick Start Guide booklet, to get you started. When you install the program, also installed onto your computer is an eBook “Getting the Most From Family Historian 5″ (the first three chapters of this are more or less identical to those of the Quick Start Guide). Family Historian also has extensive, searchable, and context-sensitive Help. However, if none of these provide the answers you need, here are some other options available to you:

  • If you bought Family Historian through one of the genealogy suppliers listed in Buy Family Historian you may find that they provide technical support by telephone, email or both.
  • Another option is to join the Family Historian Users Mailing List, and email your support queries to the mailing list.
  • We encourage all users to use the mailing list (or your supplier) as the preferred option for support queries wherever possible, but you can also email us directly at if necessary.
  • You may also wish to consider joining the Family Historian User Group who also provide help on using the product.
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