Recently Updated Plugins

  • Search and Return Result Set V1.4 (24 Oct 2012) By . Search for a specified word or phrase in all text fields in the current project, with options to narrow the scope of the search. The matching fields . . . are listed in a table in the Query Window result set, with links back to each context of use (double-click on any Item to view it in the Property Box). V1.1 Corrected plugin title and fixed cancel problem. V1.2 Added Case insensitive searching. V1.3 Added Whole Word option and improve the message prompting. V1.4 Use prototype functions and fix issue with Case sensitive searching.
  • Find Date Phrases V1.2 (24 Sep 2012) By . Finds all Date's with Date Phrases and creates a Result window with them all listed.  This would also make a good base to build an automatic . . . correction plugin when importing files from other systems which include non-standard dates.1.2 Added "item" date column to make manual editing easier.
  • Clone Any Record V1.1 (4 Aug 2012) By Peter Richmond. Creates a clone of a selected record. Useful for creating new records (e.g. sources) based on a template. It is best to add this plugin to the Tools . . . menu and run it from there after selecting the required "Template" record in the Records Window. A message confirms what new record has been created and full details are shown as a result set. You then need to change the name/title of the new record and complete any required non-template fields. The template record can contain blank fields if wanted, and links to other records. User is prompted to confirm that an Individual or Family record should be cloned. Note that if an Individual record is cloned the new record will contain an empty Family-as-Spouse link which can be either appropriately completed or deleted.
  • Create and Update Ancestor and Descendant Counts V1.2 (20 Jul 2012) By Jane Taubman. Create (if necessary) and Update counts for the number of ancestors and the number of descendants for each person in the current project. Where the . . . custom attributes are created the Fact Set information will need to be updated manually. To use the counts in queries remember to use the =texttonumber() function to convert the value to a number to allow logical sorting. Also if running on files containing Royal lines please be aware it may take some time to run. To use the counts in queries remember to use the =texttonumber() function to convert the value to a number to allow logical sorting. 1.1 Only update records where the values have changed. 1.2 Fix issue with Progress Bar
  • Plugin Renamer V1.0 (5 Jul 2012) By Jane Taubman. Renames plugins removing underlines from plugin names, to deal with problems caused by IE8 replacing spaces with underlines when downloading under . . . windows 7. Once run all plugins will have no underlines in them and can be updated using the Plugin "Check Installed Plugins Against The Store".
  • List All Related Media V1.1 (2 Jul 2012) By Jane Taubman. Lists all media, which is linked to the individual or the Family as Spouse of the Individual or Sources linked to the Individual. To quickly view in . . . the media window, from the result set, hit CTRL-A to select all fields and then select View Selected Records from the drop down on the media button. N.B Only media records are listed, locally attached media is not shown. 1.1 Added media records linked to facts
  • Check for new Search The Internet settings V1.0 (29 May 2012) By .

    Downloads the current "Search The Internet Parameters" from Calico Pie and upgrades if required.

  • Family Anniversaries V1.0 (18 May 2012) By Jane Taubman.

    Simple plugin which lists all
    Births, Baptisms and Marriages, which have anniversaries in the next 7 days, as a result set.

  • Possible Problem Set Ignore Report Markers V1.1 (18 May 2012) By Jane Taubman. Companion to Possible Problem report, this allows Events to be marked as "Ignore" so that they are not listed on the Possible Problem Report. 1.1 . . . Correct Source details and version ID
  • List All Citations for a Selected Source V1.5 (10 May 2012) By Jane Taubman. Find all the citations to a Source and list the items below using a result window. * Citation * Record * Fact * Entry Date * Where within source * . . . Text From Source * Quality Assessment * Note V1.5 Added Columns for the note and the quality assessment to the result set. V1.4 Add a description field for the Field Type and re-arrange the columns so item shows before citation. V1.3 Reduced number of Progress Bar updates and added warning of slow response for very high numbers of citations. V1.2 Updated to latest Progress Bar code and added more detailed messages. V1.1 Added Progress Bar and Citation Column
  • Add GRO Event to an Individual (no source) V1.0.3 (9 May 2012) By Rodney Begg. A Modification of Jane Taubman's 'Add GRO Source' plugin (with permission) which writes the Registration data to the Notes field of the relevant . . . Event, instead of to the Place Field, rather than using a source. Version 1.0.1 overwrites more imprecise dates (eg (calc) and (app)) with the Quarter Date, leaving absolute dates (12 May 1891) alone. It also appends the Registration Data to the Note field if the Note field is already populated. Version 1.0.2 overwrites a Year Date (eg 1847) with the Quarter Date, leaving absolute dates alone. Version 1.0.3 corrects some over-enthusiastic pruning of the code in previous release 🙁
  • Backup Family Historian Settings V1.3 (1 May 2012) By Jane Taubman. Creates a Backup of the Family Historian Settings to a backup location of your choice. 1.1 Changed to use the Lua Path to find the FH Program Data . . . folder so it works with XP. 1.1 Changed to simply return when No is selected on the first prompt. 1.2 Use the fhGetContextInfo("CI_APP_DATA_FOLDER") now it's been reinstated. 1.3 Don't save preferences when in Standalone Gedcom mode.
  • Clean Up Notes V1.1 (10 Apr 2012) By Jane Taubman. This plug in converts record notes which have only one link to "local notes" and removes blank lines at the front of the note if they . . . exist.   It is mainly used by users moving from "Generations" which stores all notes as record notes and prefixes all notes with a blank line. V1.1 Updated Progress Bar to latest version.
  • Sources List for Individual V1.1 (2 Apr 2012) By Peter Richmond. Lists all Sources linked to a selected Individual. Works best if Added to Tools Menu. Then select an Individual (in Focus or Records window or . . . Diagram) and click on the entry in the Tools Menu.
  • Notes List for Individual V1.1 (2 Apr 2012) By Peter Richmond. Lists all Notes linked to a selected Individual. Works best if Added to Tools Menu. Then select an Individual (in Focus or Records window or Diagram) . . . and click on the entry in the Tools Menu.
  • Map Life Events V1.3 (28 Mar 2012) By Jane Taubman. Creates a web page which uses Google Maps to display on a map the location of events (and attributes) in a person’s life – if you click 'Quick View . . . Current Record' when you run it. Alternatively, if you click 'Select Records and Create Pages for All' it will create multiple web page files (.html files) for a set of people that you choose. In the latter case, you will need to select both the location to save the web page files to, and the individuals to map. If Google does not recognise any particular places, you can solve this by using the “Map Geo-code Maintenance” plugin to specify an alternate name for each place (one that Google will recognise), or a specific longitude and latitude. * Fixed display of children's names on Births
  • Address Summary Report V1.3 (7 Mar 2012) By Peter Richmond. Counts and Lists All Addresses in the File. Similar to FH Standard report "Data - Addresses" but: (a) Each Address (including multi-line) is shown . . . on a single line. (b) Leading numbers can be either sorted numerically or ignored for primary sort. (c) Count is to the left of the Address. (d) (V1.1) Option to append relevant Place (if present) to each Address. (e) (V1.2) Option to sort and display Address (and Place if appended) with Parts reversed. (V1.3) Number handling improved and a bug fixed.
  • Place Summary Report V1.0 (28 Feb 2012) By Peter Richmond. Counts and Lists All Places in the File. Similar to FH Standard report "Data - Places" but: (a) Place parts can be reversed before sorting. (b) Count . . . is to the left of the Place.
  • Map Geo-code Maintenance V1.1 (8 Nov 2011) By Jane Taubman. Works with the Map Live Events plugin allowing the entry of longitude and latitudes for place names, or simply modern names for places so they can be . . . recognised by Google maps.
  • Possible Problem Report V1.0 (11 Aug 2011) By Jane Taubman.

    Lists all Possible Date Problems, similar the standard Fact Date Warning Query,
    but ignores those facts marked using Possible Problem Marker Plugin.

  • Clean up Surname Capitalisation V1.2 (11 Jul 2011) By Jane Taubman. Process all Surnames, tidying the capitalisation for Surnames recorded in the file in ALL CAPS. Special Cases for Mac,Mc,de' and O' have been . . . included more can be added in the capitalise function, also allows over-ride at runtime by prompting the converted surnames for confirmation.