Recently Updated Plugins

  • FTP Website Manager V1.3 (2 Mar 2015) By Jane Taubman. Allows easy uploading and updating of a Family Historian Website. Please read the help for detailed instructions. When run it builds a database of . . . the pages and on a second run only uploads the pages which have changed. Note: If you include the current date in the pages this will class as all pages having changed. V1.1 Fix Module Loader problem V1.2 If one File Fails give option to continue upload. V1.3 Change ftp.lua module to use "PASV" for rootsweb. Fix "DELE" source 'no such file' error. Fix 'Cancel' from settings prompt. Handle subfolders. Allow prime ' in settings. Other minor fixes. All commented with -- V1.3 (Thanks Mike)
  • Keyword Update V1.3 (11 Feb 2015) By Peter Richmond. Update Keywords for a selection of Multimedia Object records. Existing used keywords are shown alphabetically, with counts, and the user can add . . . further keywords. Then the user selects one or more keywords to be added to the selection of multimedia records, replacing any existing keywords on those records. If the plugin was started without selecting the required Multimedia records, the user is prompted to make a selection. The updated records are displayed as a Result Set. V1.3: (Thanks to Mike Tate) Unicode characters outside the ANSI/CP1252 set now preserved. V1.1: Button added for Online Help.
  • Address Reformatting V1.3 (9 Feb 2015) By Peter Richmond. Reformats all Addresses to be either multi-line, or single-line with parts separated by a comma and a single space. Only the GEDCOM tag ADDR is . . . involved, and only records that need reformatting will be updated. A Result Set is generated showing the old and new Addresses. V1.3 (Thanks to Mike Tate) Unicode characters outside the ANSI/CP1252 set now preserved. V1.2 (Thanks to Mike Tate) All Addresses converted to one of three possible formats with parts separated by: (a) a comma and a space (Single-Line); (b) just a newline (Multi-Line); (c) a comma and a newline. V1.1 Caters for an optional comma and whitespace before the newline when going to the single-line format, and provides a new option for a comma preceding each newline when going to the multi-line format (i.e. a comma at the end of every line except the last).
  • Ancestors and Descendants - Counts by Generation V1.0 (22 Jan 2015) By Jane Taubman.

    Simple result set report of the number of Grandparents recorded for an individual by Generation and the number of direct decendants by generation

  • Check for Unlinked Media V1.8 (22 Jan 2015) By Jane Taubman. Checks all the media files in the media folder are linked to media records in the Project and optionally can delete or move unlinked files. Note . . . deleted or moved files can not be recovered using the Undo option in Family Historian as the deletes are done directly on the disk. It is therefore recommended you do a FULL Family Historian Project Backup prior to running. V1.2 Added Move files V1.3 Handles problems where users have the media incorrectly linked to the media folder (e.g using full path names) V1.4 Correct Issue where Project has special characters in the name, V1.5 Check for Locally Linked Files in the media folder. V1.6 Add more robust dirtree function (to handle Mac Directories with invalid windows characters in filenames. V1.7 Use newer dirtree version V1.8 Corrections to Media detection (Thanks Mike Tate)
  • Check and Repair Media Links V1.1 (17 Dec 2014) By Mike Tate. Checks all Multimedia records for: Broken links with a search to find & copy media to the Media folder Media outside Media folder is copied to . . . the Media folder Media inside Media folder, but listed with full paths is made relative to the Media folder V1.1: Fix fhGetValueAsText() error in FH V6.0 V1.0: Initial version
  • Add a General Record Office Source and optionally Event V1.2 (17 Dec 2014) By Jane Taubman. This plugin speeds up the entry of information from the UK Birth Marriage and Death indexes. It assumes you use a single source for all events from . . . the indexes and can then create an event and add a citation to that source. On first run for each Project the GRO Index Source will be prompted for. It then prompts for the GRO reference details and the record to be updated, it will default to the current Individual for Birth and Death, the current Family record for the Marriage. If there is no event it will create one and update the date and place if they are blank. It will then add a source citation for the Event. V1.1 Prevent error when used with standalone gedcom. Settings will not be saved in standalone mode. 1.2 Fixes for V6
  • Show Project Statistics V1.9 (10 Dec 2014) By Mike Tate. This Plugin displays a summary of statistics for the Project, and reports any exceptional data. V1.9: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 with Unicode and . . . Place Records plus new Relationship Pool counts. V1.8: Reports unusual Multimedia Formats & Frame Areas, and improves the user interface. V1.7: New Options tab to control which exceptions are reported and adjust the Earliest Date Year and Maximum Age Years. V1.6: Improved Result Set Item descriptions and minor bug fix. V1.5: Adds Max.Spouses count & Spouse link is duplicated report, extra Date warnings from =GetDataWarning() function, and improved Result Set Item descriptions. V1.4: Preserves Result Set from run to run, reports Permanent/Automatic Record Idents and Citation Entry Dates in future, adds the Cremation Event to the Facts tab, plus other minor updates. V1.3: Adds Idents Counts, revises Flags table, adds Result Set of Exception Reports, and other minor updates. V1.2: Corrects some Couples Counts & sorts Flags by Counts. V1.1: Adds Age At, Pool, Flags and other statistics. V1.0: First public version.
  • Import From PAF V2.3 (10 Dec 2014) By Mike Tate. Moves PAF Tagged Notes to associated Fact Data References, moves _UID & _AKA UDF, and mends Date Phrase dates. See the Help and Advice for full . . . details. V2.3: Supports FH V6 IUP 3.11.2 with Unicode characters. V2.2: Mends even more Date Phrase formats, and creates a Result Set of all changes. V2.1: Mends more Date Phrase formats. V2.0: First public version via the Plugin Store. V1.0 to V1.5: Early versions only from the FHUG WiP page.
  • Prune Twin CR From Plugin V1.0 (21 Nov 2014) By Mike Tate.

    Replaces any double Carriage Return characters with a single Carriage Return to prevent Plugin Debug misunderstanding line numbers.

  • Let Standalone Gedcom Use Project Commands V1.3 (3 Nov 2014) By Mike Tate. This plugin is intended for EXPERTS who wish NOT to use the PROJECT structure. It creates files related to a standalone .ged file to enable Project . . . features such as: Charts, Books, Make Family Tree CD/DVD, Create Website, and Medium/Full Backups. First it creates an .fh_data folder and moves the .ged file down into this folder. It also creates an .fh_proj project file. The existing Multimedia files are unaffected. However, FH will offer to 'Copy Media Files' to the Project 'Media' folder, and the 'Don't Copy' option must be chosen to retain the original file structure. V1.3: Check version in store, fix Version in Header, fix warning message for XP. V1.2: Add fhInitialise(5,0,0,"save_required"). V1.1: Improve the preliminary warning messages. V1.0: Initial release.
  • Delete Redundant Link Notes V1.1 (3 Nov 2014) By Mike Tate. Find and optionally delete missing/orphan/duplicate Multimedia Link/Note/ASID fields due to inconsistencies. V1.1: Deals with duplicated ASID in . . . Media link, and missing ASID in Media Record. V1.0: Initial version for orphan Link/Notes only.
  • Occupations Per Census Year and Gender V1.4 (3 Nov 2014) By Mike Tate. Creates a Result Set of counts of Occupations for each Census Year and Gender derived from your GEDCOM. Supersedes and improves Occupations Per Census . . . Year Plugin by supporting Occupation Date Ranges & Periods and checking that the Individual has a Census Event in the relevant Year.
  • Search Siblings or Parents V1.0 (24 May 2014) By Jane Taubman. Allows a quick search for a Person where they have a Parent or Sibling with a selected given name. Half Siblings are also searched as are Step parents . . . when using the Parent option. The search produces a result set listing the matching people. Leave the second name blank list list all siblings or parents for the first person.
  • Behind The Name (forenames) V1.0 (9 Oct 2013) By Jane Taubman. Launches the Behind the Name Web site for the currently selected Given Names, showing the results in a tabbed dialogue. Useful for checking unusual . . . names for likely sex and origin. Behind the Name is a website for learning about all aspects of given names.
  • Build a Tree from a CSV V1.1 (27 Sep 2013) By . Takes simply formatted CSV file containing relationships and builds a tree.Designed to Work on a Blank File,  but will add records to an existing . . . one. Please review the code and correct to match your exact file.1.1 Code enhancements
  • Install FHUG Icon Packs V1.1 (23 Sep 2013) By Jane Taubman. Installs downloaded icon packs to the Family Historian icon folder, for use on diagrams. More information on using icons on diagrams can be found in . . . the help and in the knowledge base at FHUG. The plugin will prompt for a zip file and create a subfolder in the FH icon folder with the same name as the zip file and add any bitmap (bmp) graphics files in to the folder. It will overwrite existing files with matching names. You can find a selection of Icon Packs to use with the plug in on FHUG. Icons for Family Historian at The first time you run this plugin you may be prompted to download an additional zip extension, if this happens and you have internet connection the zip extension will be downloaded and installed. 1.1 Fix problem where zip files have directories in them.
  • Timeline Chart V1.7 (21 Aug 2013) By Jane Taubman. Creates a web page containing a timeline to display the events of persons life. Can either create a temporary page to see the currently selected . . . person, or can select a group of people and create a whole set of pages for use on a web site. Uses SIMILE Widgets to display the time line which requires an active internet connection to operate, also due to restrictions in the security settings the pages will not work correctly in Chrome, which prevents downloaded applets from loading local files (when loaded on a web site Chrome will work). V1.7 Add Spouse Death to Timeline V1.6 Adjust Timeline to Window Size and update page link to new code on Smilie (thanks Mike) V1.5 Add Sibling Births and Deaths in the Lifetime V1.4 Fix problem with multiple page generation, change to use IE (.hta) as default viewer for single page view. V1.3 Fix issue with year only births, better support for extended character sets. V1.2 Use 2.3.1 SIMILE Widgets V1.1 Fix issue with multiple Families with Parents Deaths
  • Search All Possible Names V1.5 (15 Aug 2013) By Jane Taubman. Search for individuals by specifying a given name, surname or both. A table of all matching individuals is returned with links to each record. All . . . recorded names for each person are checked. With women, both maiden names and husbands’ surnames are checked (unless the family record is flagged as ‘Unmarried Couple’ or ‘Never Married’). Matching a woman’s husband’s surname is done on the assumption that his surname is likely to be her married name. 1.2 If user cancels the prompt it now simply returns 1.2 Corrected incorrect operation where user presses enter rather than pressing the OK button. 1.3 Added option to search using basic soundex for both the name and surname. 1.4 Added Default values from the currently selected record if there is one 1.5 Fix identification of Secondary Names and a search of subfields for Nickname, Used Name and the Surname and Given Name subfields.
  • Check for Possible Duplicate Media V1.3 (6 Jun 2013) By Jane Taubman. This plugin checks all the media records in your project and compares the files linked to them looking for files which are identical it will pick up . . . both records which are linked to the same file and to those where the names are different, but the contents are the same. When complete it returns a result set containing the matching records. By selecting each pair in turn, just drag over both cells, you can then select Edit>Merge Compare Records from the menu and merge the records together. Once the process is complete, it is recommended to use the "Check for Unlinked Media" plugin to clean up any duplicate files. V1.1 Add trap for Missing Files and report them on the Result Set. V1.2 Add Caching of File details between runs V1.3 Correct Issue with clearing the Cache (Thanks Mike)
  • Add Assessment to Citations for a Source V1.0 (13 May 2013) By Jane Taubman. Adds, removes or changes a Certainty Assessment to all citations for a selected source, optionally over writing existing ones. Returns a result list . . . of all items changed.
  • Gendex Creator For Website Folder V1.1 (5 May 2013) By Jane Taubman. Creates GedDex File for Created Web Site for use with the index. This relatively new indexing site, provides a shared index for . . . web hosted files. This plugin will create the needed file in your Website folder, which it prompts for on startup. Only Individuals who have either a Individual Summary page or are the spouse on a Family Group sheet page will be included in the index file. Additionally Individuals with either the Living or Private Flag will be excluded from the index automatically. 1.1 New Date converter and added missing Surname field.
  • CWCG Build from CSV V0.4 (15 Apr 2013) By Richard Sellens. This is a plugin that can take a CSV file downloaded from the Common Wealth War Graves commission web site of search results, then in an Empty GEDCOM . . . file build records from the data, using as much data as can be extracted. It uses a number of custom facts for the 'Military' details. As this is my first plugin, please take care, and let me know of any issues This plugin is based on the work of Jane Taubman, in her 'Build Tree From CSV File' plugin v0.4 - refined the way that data is extracted, and added the build of additional data
  • Find Duplicate Custom ID's V1.2 (8 Apr 2013) By Jane Taubman. Simple plugin which searches all record types, for duplicate custom Ids, this can be of use when renumbering your records, using the Work With . . . Record Identifier tool, or after merging additional data. V1.2 Add column for Custom ID value. N.B It ignores records without custom IDs
  • Convert File Links V1.5 (29 Mar 2013) By Jane Taubman. Converts all object links to portable ones, creating cut out images for multimedia objects which have partial links. It will only work on an . . . "exported" gedcom file with full media paths, to prevent accidentally converting a project. The resulting file can be imported to a variety of programs including Rootsmagic or uploaded to web supporting software like TNG. Note: When the file is converted, FH will not display the media until the file is reloaded. The resulting file can be imported to a variety of programs including Rootsmagic or uploaded to web supporting software like TNG. V1.1 Added progress display and converted after removal of fhGetItemText function. V1.2 Handle Crop Rectangles which end outside the frame, tidy debug prints. V1.3 Add options to support copy of non image files. V1.4 Handle non-image & missing media, more cropping fixes, other minor updates (with thanks to Mike Tate). V1.5 Use max file sizes with "cut out" images.
  • Top 20 Surnames in Bar Chart Format V1.1 (19 Mar 2013) By Jane Taubman. Counts the number of occurrences of all primary name Surnames and shows the 20 most common as a bar chart. 1.1 Add option to combine Surnames using . . . Soundex and show a tree containing the surnames in each bar.
  • Find Duplicate Citations V1.2 (22 Feb 2013) By Jane Taubman. Finds all Facts with more than 1 citation to the same source and optionally deletes second and subsequent citations. It is recommended that the list . . . option is used first to allow checking of the items to be deleted, before using the delete option.
  • Surname Summary Report V1.2 (21 Feb 2013) By Jane Taubman.

    Counts and Lists All Surnames in the File.

    1.1 Added columns for earliest and latest dates.
    1.2 Added column for Soundex value

  • Date Search and Return Result Set V1.0 (25 Jan 2013) By Jane Taubman. Finds all Date fields with either Double Dates, Qualifiers or matching a selected date or date range and returns them as a result set. Before, After . . . To or From Dates can optionally be treated as simple dates. So searching for 1901 will include facts with dates with Before 1901, but not Before 1902.
  • Marriage Length Report V1.0 (16 Jan 2013) By Jane Taubman. Reports Families with marriage dates, calculating the Marriage length taking into account, deaths of partners and divorce. Please note where there are . . . no death dates, Estimated Death values are used and can result in long marriages.