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Free Upgrade to 6.0.1 (version 6 users only)

Users of version 6 (licensed, unlocked versions only) can now download a free upgrade to Family Historian 6.0.1.

This upgrade will only work if you already have a licensed copy of version 6 installed.  It will not work with earlier versions, or trial, demo or starter editions.  Users of earlier versions who wish to upgrade can buy an upgrade to version 6 – see the Store page.  To find out which version you have, run Family Historian and click on “About Family Historian” on the Help menu.

The upgrade adds the following enhancements:

  • Import of The Master Genealogist files previously crashed if the file contained Witness memos.  Now fixed.
  • Time slider did not display correctly if the Windows Classic Theme was chosen in Vista or Windows 7.  Now fixed.
  • Internet Data Matching now uses SSL to connect to MyHeritage.
  • Text box font details in chart files created in version 5, were not loaded correctly in version 6.  Problem could also affect books.  Now fixed.
  • Some projects could take a very long time to load – even to the point that the application appeared to hang.  Problem was caused by an inefficient method of identifying ancestors of the File Root, in the Focus Window.  Could also mean that the Focus Window could be slow to display.  Now fixed.

Download “Family Historian 6.0.1 Upgrade” – Downloaded 253 times –

If you are looking for upgrades for earlier versions please see the download archive.  See Understanding Family Historian Version Numbers for an explanation of how Family Historian version numbers work.

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