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Upgrade to Version 6.2.2 (latest official version)

Users of version 6 can now download a free upgrade to Family Historian 6.2.2.   Version 6.2.2 adds some additional improvements to the recent 6.2.0 upgrade. These improvements include faster application startup, improved auto-completion of place names, and a number of other fixes to minor issues reported by users.

Version 6.2.0 added automatic record matching and ‘hints’ for Findmypast databases.  To learn more about these features, see Automatic Internet Data Matching.

Version 6.2.0 followed hard on the heels of the update to 6.1.  For more details about the 6.1 update, see Version 6.1 has been released – the biggest free upgrade for 10 years and What’s New in Version 6.1.

The version 6.2.2 upgrade only works if you already have a licensed copy of version 6 installed. It will not work with earlier versions, or trial, demo or starter editions. Users of earlier versions who wish to upgrade can buy an upgrade to version 6 – see the Store page. To find out which version you have, run Family Historian and click on “About Family Historian” on the Help menu.

To upgrade, open Family Historian 6 and click ‘Check for Updates’ on the Help menu. If your current version is earlier than 6.2.2, there will be an ‘Upgrade Now’ button which you can click to upgrade. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can download the upgrade program to your PC by clicking the button below. When the download has completed, run the program to upgrade.

Download “Family Historian 6.2.2 Upgrade” – Downloaded 7687 times –


Upgrade to Version 6.2.3 Also Now Available for Download

The latest official version of Family Historian is 6.2.2, but 6.2.3 will be released shortly. If you don’t want to wait, you can download 6.2.3 now, by clicking on the button below. As usual, only version 6 licence-holders can use this upgrade. The upgrade provides various improvements to mapping, PDF creation, and picture-handling. It fixes a number of bugs. There is also an alternative mechanism for opening the Accent popup window which can be chosen in Preferences (General tab). The default way to open the Accent popup window is to press-and-hold a letter key when editing a note. For example, if you press-and-hold the ‘e’ key, a popup window will appear showing accents for the letter ‘e’. The alternative method (if enabled in Preferences) is to press-and-hold the Insert key and then press the letter key.

Download “Family Historian 6.2.3 Upgrade” – Downloaded 218 times –

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